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OPI I Get a Kick Out of Gold

No matter how hard I try, even if I read so many tutorials especially from nikki of, I really can’t do my own nails. BUT! I love painting them so I decided to post my nail polish of the week or 2 weeks or something.

I get my services from Belle and Cat Nail & Wax (they have more services), it’s conviniently located near my office and it’s so discreet that it’s very relaxing to go in to. They have the nicest attendants and Ms. Cathy (owner/makeupartist) is the best. They also have a nice selection of polish from highend to midrange.

I wanted to make my nails my accesories for the day so I chose a gorgeous gold polish from OPI

I Get a Kick Out of Gold

Now for my nails….

I got a lot of blisters… sorry 🙁 but it works in daylight, and looks better with spotlights as the shimmer stands out!


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