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Levi’s Philippines Go Forth Campaign Launch + Fun

I would like to say hello hello hello and hi hi hi to everyone who’s reading my blog! Specially the old ones, and the new ones! πŸ˜› Last Thursday was a super happy moment for me because it was my very first time to attend a fashion event. Most events I attend to are related to skincare and cosmetics so this one is a very happy first.

September started with a Bang! Kapow! with Levi’s launching their “Go Forth” campaign:

Levi Strauss Philippines unveils Go Forth
Campaign, its first ever global marketing campaign. Go
Forth Campaign is creating impact throughout the world by
calling the youth to be part of a movement of optimism to
mold our future. The future is in our hands to create. Now is our time.

They also presented their latest collection. Especially for us ladies, they are expanding their CURVE ID line which I just <3. I am very unproportioned. Small waist, thick hips. So even if I am a denim lover (I have 20 pairs of jeans in my closet XP and yes most of them are from levi’s) it’s hard to find a brand with styles that can fit my kind of curve. (and yes that is the reason most of them are from levi’s it’s one brand that fits like a glove)




Go Forth Pioneers for the Philippines. I <3 Divine Lee she’s the most gorgeous mother beki!

The Go Forth pioneers worked out the ramp as the screen displays their causes and the reason for them to be come one. They are advocates for change and for optimism!



My friend Martin, who accompanied me to the event, he asked kuya waiter to stand by his side so he can feast with the pica-picas *hides in shame*


With the lovely Ms Genevieve, marketing manager for Levi’s


Heaaaart why did you close your eyeees

and yes, tim yap did not know we were taking a video and not a photo!

Thanks to Sir Jeff of Thinline advertising for stumbling on to my blog and inviting me mwah mwah πŸ™‚



What does go forth mean to you? Really sorry if I find this funny but, the first thing that popped out of my silly brain is “Go forth and multiply” *LoL* then I realized it didnt make any sense.. maybe Go Forth and multiply the optimism in our hearts. *wink*
For more details go toΒΒ 


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