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I Won Something Over the Radio…

Haha.. and I got so giddy! I have been listening to The KC Show a lot! (Wave 89.1 9am-11am) every morning since they are so funny! Especially when they do “T-Pain”.. Try and listen to them sometime and see what I mean.

There was some random contest and I told myself, hey what the heck I’d dial the number..


it rang!!!!!

It was actually for real!!! I got to talk to Mr. KC Montero himself.

To be honest, he was my “teenage crush” because he’s so funny and cute when VJ-ing
in MTV

Being a Radio Jock is my dream JOB!
Not job.. dream LIFE! Hey.. I can even work as a dj for FREE. *ehem* So I got excited when I get
to sexify my voice radio-like like the djs do.

Fast forward and.. I won a bag and a t-shirt from Vans.. I felt boyish that day so.. yeah It radiates on my photo… 😛 Felt like a cute guy.

How about you guys? Have you ever one something? A TV contest? A radio contest? Share! I wanna know!

Thanks KC! From K!

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