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Fashion Finds at Divisoria

This is a quick post for everyone! Last weekend, my aunt discovered this super cool area in Divisoria where you can find cheap dresses with price that ranges from 250php – 450php. She mentioned this because last time I saw her I complemented her dress that I thought was expensive, it looked liked it to me. It fitted her very well.
Years back I made a Shopping Guide to Divisoria post because of how much I wanted to help people and inform them that it isn’t really that much of a hassle to go to that place, there are areas for comfort now like the 168 mall and the Lucky China Town for the higher tier of the crowd. This is the place where suppliers get the items they sell on-line. I would love to join the bandwagon and sell these too but I’m still having second thoughts!
Divisoria is a place where you can find everything and anything you want as long as you have the patience and know how to bargain. I posted bargaining tips at my shopping guide to help you and I think I’m going to update it soon because a lot has changed since then (remind me?)
Here are some of the items I got that day. I would’ve went further and go crazy but I wanted to stay strict on my allotted budget for that day.
Bras for 150php each – 2nd Floor 168 Mall near the food station

Zebra Print Jumpsuit – 450php – Streets of Divisoria

Fun Colorful Romper – 250php – Streets of Divisoria

Classic Maxi Dress V-Neck – 450php – Streets of Divisoria

BodyCon Illusion Dress (This fits soooo good) – 250php – Streets of Divisoria

Abstract Sleeveless Jumpsuit – 450php – Streets of Divisoria

With the right shoes and accessories these babies can go anywhere. I don’t mind saying I got it from Divisoria, it’s not where your clothes come from anyway. As long as you can wear it with confidence, it fits you well and it has the style you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a high-end brand or from a thrift shop! Don’t you agree?

Have you ever shopped in Divisoria? How did you find the place? I’d love to hear your experience there! Let’s chit-chat and share great finds and stores we discovered and disqus below.

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