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Best Evening Skin-care Routine for Glowing Skin + NuWhite Glutathione Update

Going towards the end of the year and after sharing with you my night-time skincare routine, It’s about time I wrote about my favorite skincare products for flawless and ageless skin this year. Since turning 28, and nearing the dreaded 3-0, I am now obsessed in searching for the best anti-aging products that can help hold on to my youthful skin as long as I can. I’m sastifsied with the current state of my skin . Most of you were asking what skincare products I’m using because my skin suddenly looked more glowing and radiant. (see photo below, with no makeup)


Watch my Evening Skincare Routine video and see my favorite skincare products this 2015!

Of course the perfect night time routine wouldn’t be complete without drinking beauty supplements before going to bed. Here are my top 3:


NuWhite Glutathione – (click the product name for the full review)
For those who are requesting for an update on my intake of NuWhite Glutathione, this one’s for you! After taking this for 3 months, I have to say I still love it. Since it has glutathione, vitamin c, collagen, co-q10 and placenta; all in fairly good amount. This makes it a complete skin supplement. You take only 1 liquid soft gel instead of 5 different pills. The formulation, being in soft gel form also makes the components get absorbed easily by our bodies. What does this mean? You see the results faster. It’s also affordable at 1880 for 60 capsules, making it only around 30 pesos per capsule. That’s way cheaper compared to other brands.  I only take 1 capsule before going to bed.

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