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VLOG #2: Bossa Rejuvenating Set Review + Giveaway!


Last August, I’ve been bombarded with a lot of cystic acne, redness, and dull skin. UGH I HATE ACNE! I also feel like my skin is undergoing some aging changes. Products that used to work for me before, does not work like they used to. I needed change. Being the curious and experimental guinea pig that I am. I went ahead and tried a new skincare system.

Watch the full video to see what’s inside a Bossa Rejuvenating Set (SRP: 270php), how to use it, results, and how to join my give-away!


What’s Inside a Bossa Rejuvenating Set?


  1. Bossa Kojic Red Soap
  2. Premium Rejuvenating Toner
  3. Day Cream Moisturier with SPF 45
  4. Night Cream


Another thing to appreciate with Bossa Rejuvenating Set is their full disclosure of ingredients. I see many beauty sets or so-called “derma kits” selling products without informing you what’s inside. Read their


  • Toner – If you have sensitive skin be wary that the toner includes alcohol on top of the list and magnesium chloride. Both are used to inhibit germs and bacteria from our skin.  For normal, oily, and aging skin. The toner also has retinol, a proven anti-aging skincare ingredient. Vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Night Cream Premium – It has aloe vera that’s an excellent source of moisture and natural healing. Topical glutathione for skin lightening and detoxification, and again retinol.
  • Day Cream – Its ingredients are basic but effective. Glycerin and Vitamin E for moisture and octyl methoxycinnamate as sunscreen. The sunscreen they used is SPF 45 and water insoluble (waterproof)

Progress Photos


Final Thoughts

At 270 pesos. This set is definitely a steal! It’s affordable, and it works. I used the set consistently day and night to see if it prove itself with results and it did. I won’t recommend anything I haven’t used myself. Here are some important reminders though:

  • You can only use this up to 2 months maximum. Too long and it will make your skin sensitive, thin, prone to redness and irritation. Your skin needs to rest. That’s why I recommend using their maintenance set or any gentle skincare regimen you already trust
  • Some people may experience “purging”
  • Re-apply the day cream or use any sunblock during the day. Sun protection is a must when using retinol actives!



Good luck and may you all be blessed with good skin!


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