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PHOTO DIARY: Mama and Baba Foodtrip Adventures


Time flies so fast and our babies don’t stay young forever. I’m grateful to be a work-at-home mom. Ever since I left my corporate work, I have more time to bond with my kid. While he is still a kid. Enjoy the company of one another. One of our favorite bonding moments is what we call Mama and Baba Adventures. It’s when the 2 of us go out together anywhere. It can be a foodpark, just inside the mall, museums, cinema. ANYWHERE as long as we’re together and having fun. I got to compile a lot of photos in my phone that I just upload on my facebook albums. I want to cherish the story besides just the photo. To hold on to the memories. Oh gosh I feel like if I read this post 3 years later I expect a lot of a lot of chopped onions.


PHOTO DIARY: Mama and Baba Foodtrip Adventures


Makansuntra in SM Megamall. A singaporean inspired foodcourt. We went here because we miss Singaporean food. I worked in Singapore back in 2012 woah that’s a long time ago.


We orderd Laksa, Roti Prata with curry, and rose bandung. Everything was delicious! Not as authentic, but good enough.



Our staple default fastfood of choice. Domino’s Pizza! We love how they make it fresh in front of us. I wonder what pizza cutter they used? Because it was sliced evenly and the crust remained crispy!


Then for dessert. My son’s default order is 2 original glazed and 1 bottle of soya milk. He’s one of the few kids who prefer soy milk than cow’s milk.


Both of us enjoyed this sweet and savory dessert from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. Ugh! We must come back! So good! The ice cream wasn’t too sweet and the cheese biscuit’s saltiness compliments it. I’m in love!


More donuts



Surprise find from Senyor Juan suman sa latik! We always pass by this stall but just ignore it. One day we decided to hop it and try their suman. We were surprised! The suman was served warm and soft. We got the one with leche flan on top plus the coconut syrup. It’s so delicious! If you have expat or foreigner friends. You should definitely invite them here.



His weakness is milkshakes. I remember the first time he tried Jona’s Milkshake in Boracay and his expression was priceless.



720… LOL


The beer is mine of course! Farinas Ilocos Empanada is to die for. I always wonder how they cook the egg inside so perfectly. We always order the one with bagnet inside.


The latest joint we visited is Burger Mania at Dayton Foodpark Lipa. We were enticed with the overflowing people and the longest line. We’re curious how the food fares. It’s a burger joint advocating mental health awareness. Which I’m also advocating as well, being Bi-Polar type 2. Their employees all have mental illnesses and their menu is also named after the former. But does it taste good?


They deserve the long lines because it does. The beef patty is pure beef. I’m particular when it comes to this and like the princess from the princess in the pea, I can detect food filler right away. We ordered the Philly Cheesesteak burger which has greenbell pepper, cheese sauce, and beef strips on top of the burger patty. This is served with unlimited juice and fries. The serving is huge and was enough for the both of us. It only costs 250php.


I wish we’ll have mama and baba adventures until we grow old. *sigh* 🙂

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