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Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes + Rourouni Kenshin Misao Haircut

Lately I kept on telling to myself I would turn back time and write things like how I used to. It’s no surprise that most bloggers like me receive products for review or get to attend events but lately everything became too much for me to handle that the quality of my posts deteriorated. As some of you know I don’t do full-time blogging. I’m just like any old regular person who lives a mundane 8-5 desk job who escapes and follow her passion thru writing. But the irony is, suddenly her escape became another job. Deadlines.

Not that I’m not thankful for all the blessings on how KikaysiKat is picking up. But I owe it to you readers to post quality articles and not just write for the sake of it being published over the web, generating the right SEO keywords and search engine visibility. That personal touch that KikaysiKat used to have. You deserve better. Okay tama na drama! 🙂


So John Castle and I are headed out on another of our Best Day Ever dates, this time going to Greenhills to munch more of those yummy burgers from Slammin Mini Burgers. Get my broken Sony Xperia ZR fixed, and finally watch Rorouni Kenshin from Gateway Platinum Cinema.

Gateway’s Platinum Cinema is one of the best we’ve been to. Lazy boys, HD quality imagery, Dolby surround sound and lastly free popcorn! It’s so comfortable watching there I even forgot I was out and removed my shoes, laid down on the lazy boy and almost dozed off. I wanted to look effortlessly pretty for John so I thought of trying on this new eyeshadow palette I got from Canmake. 


I always loved Japanese makeup especially their eyeshadows because of the nice creamy texture, and they’re easy to blend even for someone not as expert in blending as I am. I got the Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes palette because it has natural colors that range from beige, rose, taupe, and dark brown. It also has a gray shimmer to use for highlight. I forgot how much it cost me sorry! ^_^




Misao from Samurai X
Misao Samurai X Inspired Haircut

I got this haircut from Chic Salon along Greenhills Annapolis. It’s owned and run by a simple Korean couple. It’s a hole-in-the-wall type of parlor and their rates are not steep compared to most salons. Did you know that I featured them the very first day I attended a “blog event” from Fanny Serrano. *sigh* memories. I got this cut for 500php and she did exactly how I wanted and she made sure it matched my features. This haircut is inspired by Rourouni Kenshin’s Misao. She’s that feisty ninja who’s in love with Aoshi. Back when I was in highschool my cousins and I loved watching anime from Kenshin to Ghost Fighter to Fushigi Yuugi! Ah those were the days. The movie inspired me to get a new haircut and I’m actually planning to change my hair color too.

Do you think the color black-blue would suit me? Hay hay decisions decisions. Well expect more chit-chat from me whether you like it or not!
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