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An Honest Review on ProBio-White Whitening Supplement

Update:someone stole my review.  I’m watermarking my image and to those who can read this,  the original post is on only.
This brand has always intrigued me when I pass by Watson’s because it’s the first time I ever heard of a whitening supplement combined with probiotics. On my post way way back, I mentioned that drinking Yakult and using it as a toner works well to combat acne problems and make skin glowing and smooth. Imagine a supplement filled with probiotics plus other skin care ingredients.
With it’s unique ingredients list, I just had to try it for myself! Read on further for my complete review, observations, and results.
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Lactobacillus Casei 1 billion – We all know how probiotics is good for our tummy, but did you know that having a healthy gut is good for our entire body? It’s also good for our skin since it combats acne-causing bacteria and fight it internally.
NAC 215mg – Helps our body produce more glutathione and activate it
Reduced Glutathione 100mg – *wink* A liver anti-oxidant with “skin-whitening” side effects
Collagen 100mg – Combats skin aging and keeps our skin looking young and taut
Alpha Lipoic Acid – Boosts glutathione effects and metabolism
Vitamin C – Boosts the effect of glutathione and ALA
Can you say WOW? It’s like they thought of putting all the effective ingredients together in 1 capsule!!!!! I can’t help but get excited on this.




Take 2 capsules daily. I take one in the morning and one before going to bed. Since this is ALA it is better to take after meal.


It’s ingredients are all you need to maintain a fair, white, glowing and youthful skin. I’m quite impressed! I guess it would be better if they put a little bit more glutathione in their formulation.
Everyone keeps noticing how I looked “prettier” lately. My skin has never gotten any acne since I took it (even before I get my period!) and it’s radiant without makeup.
I love the fact that it has collagen and ALA which helps keep my skin looking young. Not to boast but whenever I compare my skin to other women my age, I look definitely younger and I think you will too! But always remember that you also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not just rely on supplements alone.
This supplement is recommended for acne-prone or those who want to prevent early signs of skin aging.


Around 1,400php for a bottle of 30 capsules.


Yes! I am planning to take this together with Vitapack Mega-white. COMBO! I can imagine this as the perfect combination because Vitapack Mega-white 500mg of glutathione and it works super fast! It’s affordable, complete, and effective. 

KikaySiKat Rating 5/5 Stars

You might find my Glutathione FAQ useful on your quest to flawless and fair skin! Stay Kikay!!!


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