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Cheap and Chic Accessories from 168 Divisoria

Helloooooooo to everyone!!!! 🙂 I was wondering if my readers are fond of accessories… if yes, where do you buy them? What kind do you like to buy and wear?

To be honest, I can be happy with a pair of pearl studs and go out without feeling bare, I know some of you has this urge to put on the complete set of necklace, bangles, and hey some even wear anklets hehe.
Well if you’re on a budget and still would like to find amazing finds (not just accessories) you can go on a trip to Divisoria where all retailers get their products and sell them at malls for 200% the price! HAHA!

Here’s a guide to Divisoria if you’re not familiar with the place

Want to be more adventurous in styling

At 50php! Who can resist?

All of this is 150, I plan to mix this up with the bangles below

Bangles like these are 150 a piece, I dont know why it’s pricier than others

This one is soooo cute! It’s the last piece!

A nice elephant drop necklace, it’s actually light

Happy Shopping! Mwah! 


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