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Mom’s a fan! Chanel Rouge Allure Incognito

Swapped my NARS Angelika for the Chanel Rouge Allure in Incognito. Mom saw my makeup stash and decided to try this lippie and hey.. since I havent swatched most of my new lippies yet, might as well use my mom as a model haha!

On our lips, RA Incognito is a nice, My Lips But Better color with a tinge of rose. Chanel’s lipsticks are never
drying and oh so moist that once you try this, you’ll forget other brands *ehem*MAC*ehem*MAC*
retail price is at 1750php but dont be scared. Theyre lipsticks are really worth it because it gives the best moisturizing color your lips will ever need. The clicky case is also quite addicting to “clickity-click” just like the clicky ballpens that annoys some people, especially during boring meetings hehe.

Okay.. haha I should stop raving. Oh how I wish I would win the 355 6/55 PCSO Million Lottery jackpot so I could buy me more of these babies! HAHAHA

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