Detox White Enhanced Glutathione Review (with Before and After)

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What? Detox White Enhanced Glutathione Review
How much does it cost? 850p
This product was sent to me for review consideration. It was sent during the time I was resting my liver from all the beauty supplements I’ve been taking, especially during my Thailand Glutathione Mishap. Because of this, I decided to give the bottle to someone else and have her take it for a month instead. She’s naturally morena with a darker shade of skin tone. Like me (and most of us) she would like to achieve a brighter looking skin, if not fairer. How does it fare after 1 month of using it? Let’s see.


Detox White Enhanced Glutathione Ingredients (click for detailed information)



BEFORE: no filter. no edits. natural light.

After 1 month of taking Detox White Enhanced Glutathione

AFTER: no filter. no edits. natural light.


Final Thoughts / Review

My thoughts:
Since I didn’t take the capsules myself, I would just disect the ingredients list further. This is not L-Glutathione perse, rather a combination of the L-Glutathione components such as L-Cysteine and Glutathione booster such as NAC. Some people find that the broken down components work better from them versus the reduced glutathione kind.
My friend’s thoughts:
It’s the first time that my friend took glutathione supplements so in a month’s time, don’t expect any drastic changes. I noticed that her skin looked more “pusyaw” or pinkish in tone. It didn’t give her any negative side-effects and she told me that since it’s very affordable at 850php per bottle, this is a brand she can sustain taking. Not everyone can afford expensive glutathione brands so this one is a good option. Since this has ALA, it gives a slight heat on the throat after a few minutes of taking this. This is normal for glutathione that has ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid.
 One of her comments though is that after a few days, the capsules inside the bottle turned brownish and gave a stronger smell. I asked the owner of AgelessBeautyPotions and she told me this is nothing to worry about because since it is in bottle form and not in foil pack, the capsule will be prone to oxidation. Oxidation makes certain chemicals change in color, but will not affect its effectiveness.
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