[DIY] Effective Natural Mask for Smaller Looking Pores

Well hello there friends. Today, I will share my testimony on a popular natural face mask called “Oatmeal Mask”. One of you sent me an e-mail and it says…

Hi Ms. Kikay! I’ve been doing my research and how to lose weight and have a poreless skin and I have been stocked to your blog. I’ve read your review about the Vitapack 3-in-1 and I’m very excited to try that. How about for the skin,what is your best recommendation to lessen the pores. I’ve read your reviews about skicare products but I’m wondering how we’re you able to achieve such beautiful skin?I mean the best skin care ever.

Now if I understood your e-mail correctly Alicia, you want to minimize the appearance of pores. We can’t lessen it dear. Pores are part of us. It lets our skin breathe. It helps remove toxins from our bodies. We should love our pores. But sometimes when you have an oily skin or acne prone skin, your pores tend to look LARGER and unattractive. 
I had acne prone skin back in highschool and this natural remedy helped my skin turn normal and healthy again. My classmates kept asking me how I did it and I just told them “Oatmeal!” My pores were visibly smaller and my skin less oily. Here it goes!


  • Oatmeal – A gentle and natural exfoliant. It also relieves itchiness and mild skin irritations. Not only that, it contains Saponin which has intense cleansing properties so it can remove deep seated dirt. It also balances oil production
  • Milk – Preferably powdered so you can store the mixture for a long time. Milk has natural lactic acids which breaks down dead skincells. No dead skin means cleaner, more refined skin.


  • GET 1 CUP of OATMEAL (Any kind, even the instant ones)
  • GET 1 CUP of Powdered Milk (Preferably FULL Cream)
  • Mix in a mason jar
  • This can be stored for 2-3 months dry


  • Get 2 tablespoons of your oatmeal mask mixture
  • Put it in a small cup and mix 4 tablespoons of CLEAN water
  • Mix
  • Apply the mixture to your CLEANSED face and neck and leave it on for 30 minutes
  • Rinse off with water or mild soap


Smoother, finer skin like a baby’s bottom! Now people who have extremely large pores may need additional treatment from your dermatologist but this mask will already help in oil reduction!
Try this mask and let me know how this works for you as it worked well for me! 🙂


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