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Permanent Lip Tint – Lipstick Tattoo Experience (Complete Progress Pics)

Another tattoo again Kaycee?! HAHA! This time it’s for aesthetics and on my lips. Let me tell you all about my Lip Define Experience and Review at Browhaus Manila. Some people might confuse their service as your ordinary lip tattoo but nope. They’re not the same. Sure, both will prick your lips til they bleed (don’t be scared, there’s a topical anesthetic applied so you barely feel a thing). Here’s the full story up until day 30 where my puckers are fully healed, ready to smooch. From the application, to the tattoo process and each week as it heals!


BrowHaus is sooooo generous that they’re giving us a whopping 20% OFF on their Lip Define service. That’s right! From 58,000php, you can avail their lip tint for only 46,400. That’s 11,600php SAVINGS. Simply tell them the promo code is: KIKAYSIKAT


Oooh no makeup Kaycee. Are you ready? I agreed to go and try the Lip Define Service because I’m anemic. On most days, without any lipstick, my lips look grayish and I look like a zombie. I want to always look ready-to-go and waking up with pinkish puckers. YAY!




Their lip technicians are experts in their field and fully trained. I trust Browhaus for this.




The difference is in the dyes. Compared to traditional tattoos that uses ink, Browhaus uses  vegetable dyes that blends with your natural lip color. It will never look fake. You can choose among reddish, pinkish, or peachy shades in different hues. Ask your technician for the color selection.




Their technician first exfoliated my lips to make sure there are no dead skin.


Ta-da! Oh look a pimple!


The lip exfoliant


Then, she applied the topical anaesthetic. This was left on my lips for 15 whole minutes to make sure they were numb.

browhaus-lip-define-tattoo-9 (1)



SPARTAAAA! The whole process took an hour more or less


Don’t be scared! You have Fix and Build to help repair your lips faster and avoid scabbing. FIX is a Vit. A D and E ointment that helps your skin build and repair itself. It is also based on lanolin for moisture. I use this as my go-to lipbalm during the first 3 days of chapping (photos below). The BUILD is the special serum you apply 2x a day morning and before going to bed to literally build new skin for your lips.


Swollen and numb.
Swollen and totally red! This will fade into a wonderful pink color once it heals.
Peeling. It will take around 4 weeks for the real color to truly show


DAY 30


DAY 30

After 30 days, it healed into a beautiful natural pink color that brightens up my face even without makeup! It also defined my lip-shape making it look plumper! The photos for my day 30 are taken during my Nuffnang Poker Tournament. I was confident enough to attend WITHOUT LIPSTICK. Because of the tension of licking my lips because yes, playing poker is stressful for a newbie like me (but super fun!) But that’s another story for another day 🙂

Can I Still Use Other Makeup?

Yes, don’t wear it soon after the procedure, but you can use other makeup no problem. For a smooth finish use airbrush makeup which works well with Lip Define, you can see a review here.


Not at all. I can even sleep thru the entire procedure.



How much does it cost?

58,000php then 7,500 for tune-ups
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Take care beautiful person. Come again soon! – Kaycee


What is Lip Define?
Our Lip Define is a semi-permanent treatment, compared to the traditional lip tattoo, it is brighter and more natural. Our R&D department spent 5 years to create this perfect Lip Define Technique that is exclusive to Browhaus. Comparing to past lip tattoo, Lip Define is more advance and perfect.
Uniqueness of Lip Define: Technique is more natural, our Lip Define is done on the full lip, does not emphasize on the lip line, but the effect looks like the lip line is done, very three-dimensional, color is very natural, Also it is a semi-permanent treatment, hence, adjustments can be done depending on the difference in age, individual moods and aesthetic standards.
Lip Define Result: color is natural, bright, just like your own lip color.
Lip Tattoo Result: will do on area outside the lip line, color is more outstanding, unnatural, one look could tell it’s done artificially. Lip color looks patchy.
Who needs to do Lip Define?
Those suffering from Anemia will have pale lips: those with heart and bleed circulation problem, those who smokes frequently will have lips turns dark and dull; those with uneven lip color; we will be able to correct the lip color to natural, lighter pinkish tone. We will based on client’s age, skin tone and original lip color and assign a suitable color. So that the lip color will appear natural and rosy.
Is Lip Define a Tattoo?
Firstly, unlike tattoo which is permanent, Lip Define is semi-permanent, the color we used will last between 1 to 3 years, and choice of color is depending on individual preferences. Tattoo color is deep into the skin, and is permanent. Our color is pure natural vegetable based, very natural rosiness; hence, it is still different from tattoo.
What sort of tools is used for Lip Define? Are they safe?
We used specially designed and very safe tools for the Lip Define treatment.
Is Lip Define painful?
The lip is naturally a very sensitive area, prior to the treatment, we will use a lip numbing patch to numb the lip for 25 minutes, almost painless during the treatment, the “V” shape area is more sensitive, hence, will feel a little stinging sensation. During the treatment, halfway numbing lotion is used to reduce the pain (if any). As such, do not worry.
How long will Lip Define last?
1 to 3 years, depending on individual preferences towards color that is natural looking or slightly redder, would be more lasting. Intensity of the color can be adjusted during the treatment.
How long is the duration for the whole treatment?
One and a half hours, we will need to do a 25 minutes numbing prior to the actual treatment is being carried out. This is to allow the lips to be in a less sensitive state before the treatment is being carried out properly.
What is Tune Up? Do I need it?
In order for the result or color to be more perfect, it is necessary to do a tune up within one to three months after the first treatment is done.
I have done before, can I still do it?
Depending on situation, if the color is not too dark, still be able to adjust the color accordingly, or if the shape is unbalanced,lip line is not define, it can be also be adjusted.
Is there anything to take note of after the treatment?
·      Immediately after the treatment it will be quite red, around 3 to 7 days when the scabs falls off, it will become more natural.
·      Within a week, no seafood, spicy food, takes more plain food like vegetables and fruits.
·      Avoid alcohol and smoking, remember to take more rest.
·      Allow the scabs to fall off naturally; do not attempt to peel it off.
·      One week later, the color might be red or uneven, in a month’s time the color become more natural. Can also be adjusted during the touch up session.
Is aftercare necessary?
         The lip area will be quite dry and slight peeling of the surface skin will occur, hence, will need to use the aftercare products for cleansing, to reduce inspection and aids repair. Must take care of the treatment area daily, this way, there will be better color absorption.
Will it be swollen after the treatment?
         Depending on individual sensitivity level, some will not be swollen, some might be slightly swollen, but will subside quite fast. Talk more after the treatment, lip exercise will help the swelling to subside faster.
Will there be spots/pus after the treatment?
         There is a couple of reasons why spots/pus would occur, lack of rest causing low immunity system, or the body is heat, spicy food/seafood could also be the cause of it. Will usually last between 3 to 7 days; will not occur to everyone, depends on aftercare and own body constitution.
Can I do it during my menstruation cycle period?
         Do not do it during the menstruation cycle period, it is best one week after. More sensitive.
Who should do Lip Define?
·      Pale lips
·      Dark lips
·      Individuals without lip define
·      Individuals who do not have an ideal lipshape
·      Professional needs or beauty lovers
·      Do not have make up knowledge or no time for make up



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