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DIY: Yakult Face Mask

YAKULT Mask for the Face?! IS this for real? Yes folks it is.
No amount of makeup can replace good skin. For those who are having trouble with facial acne and is on a tight budget I recommend trying this one. Yakult is good for both skin and our stomach!
For those who cannot find the Mung Beans, you can use Yakult as a separate toner. I know, it’s too tempting not to drink a bottle too no?
I just thought i would like to share this. hopefully this would help some people out.
I’ve been suffering from acne for a while now- but it got so severe in the past year. I felt so horrible and it was disgusting to look at myself in the mirror. Acne really hurts self esteem and it just seems like nothing could ever fix my face. I’ve tried SO many products in hope of fixing my acne but some of them just made it worse. BUT a few months ago, my grandma introduced me to this random and weird homemade mask that was suppose to be miraculous and amazing. and it was ! trust me, when i first heard of it, it was just.. weird. So i’ve been using this for about 2 months, about 3 times a week and it made a huge difference in my skin.  I feel a lot better and less self concious.

Of course, i’m also using products to wash my face and such- ( that also helped a lot! ) (: I did also use the clinique three step acne kit… it wasn’t that great, but it did stop my acne for a while. I have really really oily skin and that kit just basically took all the oil out of my face and made it completely dry (but i didn’t break out). I sort of liked the kit but it ran out really fast and the moisturizer really stung my face. I guess I just had really sensitive skin. I just gave up on that since it was a bit too pricey for only 2 month’s worth. So i’ve switched to neutrogena deep cleanser and been using it for a month. it is AMAZING. <3 it just cleans all the dirt and oil out of my pores and my skin never felt so clean and smooth. i dont know if this works for all skin types though because when i checked online, there were a lot of mixed reviews but i think its definitely worth a try. and i’ve also been using witch hazel as a toner– it smells really bad at first though; but it’s gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. This yakult face mask is indeed a miracle worker.

The most important thing is: dont pop those pimples. dont scratch, or touch your face no matter how much you would like to, it’ll leave scars and spread the bacteria. and of course, drink a lot of water (: eat healthy and lay off the chips. those things would definately make a huge difference. okay, Im starting to ramble on and on– so i’d like to post some pictures and show you the difference!

OH and if anybody’s interested, the ingredients to the masks are simple. I live in an Asian community so the ingredients are easily purchased. I dont know the exact amount to mix in since I just eyeball it, but basically you would want a paste-like substance. all you need is two ingredients: yakult and mung bean starch/flour ( sorry, i dont have a picture of the packet ): but i think it could be purchased at any asian market. ) Yakult face mask it is!

Kikaysikat Tip For those who cannot find the mung bean flour, I order mine at or Or if you cannot buy online, I just drink some yakult and then the left over poured on a cotton pad.. and used as a liquid mask instead 😉 Yey yakult face mask!


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After using Yakult Face Mask for 6 months my skin is 100% acne-free and clear.

All I can say is WOW. I’m so excited to hear from you guys! Let me know if this worked for you too! Hope it helps! If the yakult face mask doesn’t work at least you can drink it!


  • yurina

    wow.. it is really amazing.
    I always drink it everyday but i never realize the super power benefit of yakult.
    i just know that yakult keep my gastrointestinal healt.
    thx for sharing ^^
    i will try this asap.

  • judee

    i tried this one using a clean face mask (i have no idea where to find the flour). but sadly, it gave me huge bumps! 🙁 this is a no-no for me. 🙁
    i have oily skin.

  • marj

    hi sorry to ask a dumb question.
    how many minutes are you going to leave on your skin? then after wards i can wash my face with my facial cleanser..

    thanks much.
    am going to try this one coz of my stubborn pimples

  • Yanyan

    Hi! Where do you buy your Mung Bean starch/flour? I can't seem to find one here in Manila. 🙁 And oh, What do you use aside from Yakult (If there's no mung bean?)

    I've been doing this since I saw your post and thankfully, it makes my new pimples smaller. But for the scars, there no improvements as of now. 🙁

  • K

    Hi Jaica! Thanks for visiting my blog! Benzoyl Peroxide burned my skin badly before 🙁

    Yes you can, but I prefer applying nothing afterwards para mas makita full effect

  • Jaica Camille

    Oh my Gosh! this made my face horrible! i tried it for 3 days…

    1st day: since i cant find mung bean flour/starch, i bought monggo (i searched the internet and its the same) and make it into powder using mortar and pestle. i cleaned it first of course then when its fine na i put some yakult to make a paste. its kinda itchy during and after i rinse it with water, yes, redness appear… i didn't mind it, maybe its just an initial reaction. and yup, it brightened my skin… moisturizer after…

    2nd day: yakult only but no moisturizer… same effect, itchy, redness, brightening…

    3rd day: mung bean and yakult and still no moisturizer… same effect! and what decide me to stop? everyone in our house said that "parang lalo yatang dumadami yung pimples mo? itigil mo na yan! baka ano pang mangyari sa mukha mo!" EVERYONE told me that!

    i did took their advice. the bad thing is i tried this 4 days before my friend's weeding and i have to endure my horrible face in her day… T^T

    btw, before doing this i am from benzoyl peroxide medication. i stop it while using this. now, i'm back in benzoyl na lang… i think benzoyl made my skin from sensitive to super duper sensitive thats why my skin broke badly after using this. i advice to be careful na lang. maybe i'll try this when my skin is back to normal.

    can anyone suggest some prods that treat pimples effectively? thanks! 😀

  • Happy!

    I had to write about my experience with mung bean and yogurt after reading this posting. I have acne (tiny red bumps) all over my chest and back. I have had this acne for almost two years and have spent $1000 of dollars trying to get rid of it — with no luck.

    However, the mung bean and yogurt mask has almost completely cleared it up in less than two weeks! Im so happy!

    What I did: I didn't get the Yakult because it has sugar in it and I didn't feel good about putting that on my body, instead I got organic pro-biotic "live" yogurt. I mixed the yogurt with both mung bean starch and mung bean flower so that it's a paste-like consistency — no exact measurements. Then I put it on my chest and back and left it there for 20-30 minutes. I do this every other night. I am thrilled with the results and I want to thank you so much for posting this! I also really want to encourage others to try this!

    I do have to mention that I also went on a "detox" around the same time I started using the mask. The detox was basically no gluten, dairy, sugar and no meat (I'm a vegetarian). Just lots of veggies! I also started eating mung bean stew 3-4 times per week. I'm sure my eating habits also helped in clearing up my acne as well!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Hi! I'm using Likas papaya ang Kojic, but instead na pumuti ako, mas umiitim pa ako or nagiging red face ko. I guess it's too harsh for my skin. May pwede po ba kayo I recommend sa akin? 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    kung ganan yung nangyayari, sensitive yung skin mo or either masyado mong hinihilod yung skin mo, mas lalong maiiritate yun pag ganun, lalo na kapag gumagamit ka ng whitening products, mag-try ka muna ng scrub like asian secret's then kojic ka after nun, di mo na kailangang maghilod kasi naexfoliate na yung skin mo nung rub 🙂 or switch ka ng soap, mas mild ang silka pero effective and always apply sunscreen kasi madaling masunog ang balat pag gumagamit ka ng ganang products

  • Kaycee Enerva

    hhmmm, if sensitive skin mo, switch ka na lang, pero pag hindi, push mo, basta after several minutes na gamitin mo to, apply ka ng moisturizer, wag agad-agad, yaan mo munang marestore ng skin mo ang natural oils nito

  • Kaycee Enerva

    hello miss kat..i am a male and i have read your review in mestiza soap,,, you are really cool and good,,,we have the same feedback on it….your reviews are all amazing,,can you give me some soap that can really whitens my skin.. please,,,thank you

  • mrs cabanting

    i used to have a very bad case of break out around 1st quarter of 2013. after reading some articles online I was convinced that my case of acne was potentially due to hormonal imbalance. i started drinking birth control pills (Althea). Nagslow down yung pagtubo ng acne. For the ones that were left naman, I used Shulammite Carrot Soap plus liquid toner from Dermaline Skin Care clinic (recommended by a colleague). Super mild tong dalawang products na to pero effective. To whiten nmn yung marks I used Tony Moly Snail Cream. I had pics from my old phone kaso deleted them bka mg-freak out yung would be then bf ko if makita. lol

    Anyway, I pricked some pimples dati lalo pag may nana ( haha!). The good thing about the snail cream was it lived up to its promise to repair damaged tissues resulting dun sa craters sa face. Right now 90% walang bakas ang nakaraan sis! My then bf who is now my hubby would brag to his relatives how kinis my face is khit haggard sa BPO industry due to shifting schedule. 🙂

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