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Do You Know How Many Calories There Are In Your Favorite Fast food Snacks

A calorie is generally defined as a unit of energy. However, in nutrition, a calorie is a package of energy that human beings get after consuming food and drink. The energy that is derived from calories is used by the body to carry out various physical activities.


Most processed foods and drinks have nutritional information which includes the number of calories contained. However, some of the common snacks and drinks do not have this information. Therefore, it is imperative for you to dig on the internet and apprehend the number of calories contained in your favorite fast food snack. It is crucial to monitor the amount of calories you consume.


Most weight loss programs try to encourage people to reduce the amount of calories they take in. This is important, but you need also to understand that calories are important for your body. You should as well know that not all people need the same amount of calories daily.People have variations in metabolism, lifestyle and several other factors. Therefore, the daily intake of calories depends on overall body health, physical activities, sex, body size, weight, and height.


Most people love fast foods because they are convenient, delicious and cheaper for different reasons. What these people do not understand is that fast foods come with various health complications. This is why getting accurate nutritional information about some of your favorite meals is very important if you want to lead a healthy life. Here, you will get accurate information about the number of calories contained in some of your favorite snacks.

Below is a list of some of the fast food snack with a high amount of calories.


  1. Solid fats with added sugar snacks include; ice cream, pastries, cookies, doughnuts, and cakes.
  2. Food snacks with solid fats include; sausages, bacon, hot dogs, ribs, cheese and pizza.
  3. Added sugar drinks are; fruit drinks, milkshake, energy drinks, and soda.


Calories in your favorite foods


In the following section, you will be able to learn the exact amount of calories contained in the most favorite fast food snacks.

1. Bread bowl BBQ chicken mac and cheese

Bread Bowl BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese is most people’s favorite fast food. It is one of the fast foods with the highest amount of calories. This fast food snack contains 1,230 calories. It is made of pulled and smoked chicken, apple cider vinegar BBQ sauce, cilantro, Vermont cheddar cheese sauce, frizzled onions, and pasta.

2. Burger king’s rodeo king sandwich

The giant is rodeo king sandwich has 1,250 calories. This is almost the average amount of calories some people do consume the entire day. Burger king’s rodeo king sandwich is made of American cheese, double flame grill beef patties, barbecue sauce, thick-cut bacon, onion rings, and mayo.

3. Triple decker sandwich

This is one of the sandwiches with the highest amount of calories. It comes with 1,030 calories. It made up of roasted turkey breast, roasted beef, spicy brown mustard, pepper bacon, pit-smoked ham, Swiss cheese, mayo, cheddar cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and toasted honey-wheat bread.

4. Onion Chips

Most people love the White Castle sack of onion chips. A full sack White Castle’s onions chip has 1,350 calories.

5. McDonald’s Hotcake big Breakfast

McDonald’s burger and sandwich fast foods are not the only with a high amount of calories. Big breakfast with a hotcake contains 1,350 calories.

6. Subway’s ranch and chicken bacon

Ranch Melt 12 inches and chicken bacon come with a whopping 1,190 calories. The fact it has chicken, bacon, bread and Monterey cheddar cheese, makes it one of the foods with a high amount of calories.


While calories are linked to obesity and weight gain, they are very important to the body. And since you cannot avoid some of your favorite fast food snacks, it is imperative to work out and get involved in regular and high-intensity physical activities.


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