Effective Skin Whitening Tips Part 1: Whitening Soap

This is one tip you may not know yet on your skin whitening regimen. Do you know you can be doing something wrong in the bath that’s why the skin lightening soap you are using is not that effective? Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I’m sharing a simple trick I learned from the makers of one of my favorite whitening soap, Ms Sofia from SVR Skin Whitening.

Best Whitening Soaps in the Philippines

You have to know first what is skin whitening in order to do choose your method of skin whitening. You see, I used to be a non-believer of whitening soaps because hey, shouldn’t glutathione be taken in internally or oral for it to be effective? Just like how IV Glutathione is more effective than Oral Glutathione. I just prefer not to take IV because I’m afraid of the greater risks involved. So are you ready?

Effective Skin Whitening Tip Part 1: How to Make Your Whitening Soap More Effective

How long do you leave your whitening soap on your skin when taking a bath? One minute? A few seconds? Did you know that whatever is inside our bath soaps is also absorbed by our bloodstream via our pore openings? Yes indeed! So besides the exfoliation and cleansing, whatever is inside the soap is also gets absorbed by our body. That is why I’m a fan of more soaps that are cold-pressed and more “natural” than those with harsh chemicals (but I still try those because I’m a curious cat that’s why). So to make any whitening soaps more effective, the best amount of time to leave it on is 5 minutes. Any minute longer would dry you skin already. That way all the wonderful ingredients can be enjoyed by your skin, and yes do try this at home and see the difference.
I hope you loved this tip and do let me know if you tried this at home and also worked for you! Do you also have your own whitening tips? Share your comments below so we can help each other out! Cheers.


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