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Looking for a good waxing salon in greenhills? Howdy! How are you guys doing? No, really I want to know. How many of you wax their underarms or their hoo-has downthere? Please raise your hands! *raises mine* I’m sure it’s one of our tiis-ganda moments because hey, waxing is painful on a pain scale of 1-10 it’s on an average of 5 for me, even painful than getting a tattoo on my arm (yes really) BUT after trying out so so so many different waxing salons (ex. LayBare ewww) I finally found the one that does it simple, fast, hygienic, comfortable, and almost pain-free.
You can’t miss it! It’s conveniently located at V-Mall, Greenhills 4th level.
You just got to love the very feminine vibe of the waxing salon. Pink is so inviting yes?
I got their Brazillian Waxing Service and it was finished I think in less than 30 minutes. It was that quick and after everything, I asked their technician “Tapos na? Hindi nga?” 
Their cute pink beds can recline so if you want to be in a seated position vs. lying position to get more comfy.

They only use imported hot wax of the best quality. Did you know they have separate wax for facial hair vs underarm and the intimate area? It’s because they know that the skin on our face is more sensitive and needs a gentler wax variant.

Click to enlarge the pricelist.
Their lady wax technicians are trained so well to make your waxing experience as quick and precise as possible. They use high quality hot wax that smells like strawberries too! I highly recommend Bare Skin Waxing Salon if you want your waxing experience fast and pain-free (almost). Go to Greenhills na, then have some Rita’s Ice Custard after. (OMG I’m addicted to the stuff na).


I’m giving away 2 Bare Skin Gift Certificates worth 300php to 2 lucky readers. How to win? Simply leave a comment below answering
 “Name all waxings salon you have tried and how was your experience
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Winners will be announced Oct 20 2015. Best answers win!

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