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Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint in Apricot (Photos, Review, Swatch)


I admit. I take better photos and swatches when I’m in Lipa City Batangas because our home there is an excellent source for natural light. The lush grass and trees make excellent bokeh background too don’t you agree? Today what I’ll be reviewing surprised me as well. I’m not a fan of makeup in jars because they’re bulky, heavy, and take too much space in the makeup kit but let’s say Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint as an exception. Find out why and read the full review up ahead!Brand: Etude House
Product: Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint
Shade: Apricot


It has an outer carton packaging that makes Snowy Dessert look good enough to eat


 Once unboxed, it reveals a heavy glass jar containing a lot of bright red-orange product


It looks like jelly


The texture is more thick mousse type


Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding Tint in Apricot Swatch



When worn on lips.


Packaging – The glass jar is heavy and bulky. I don’t intent to carry this around with me, unless this is the only makeup I will bring.

Staying Power – This is one of the better aspects of their pudding tint. This baby lasts and lasts on your lips. It stayed on mine for more than 6 hours, even with drinking and eating. Wow! A layer of color literally melts on your lips and adheres to it until you scrub it off.

Color Match – On me, it looks MLBB (my lips but brighter). Not my favorite shade as I prefer muaves, plums, nudes, or fire engine reds.

Shade and Finish – I think this is available in other colors like pink, red and purple which I would love to try too. The finish also has a tiny amount of sheen.

Texture – It’s very thick. A little goes a long way. I just start dabbing it starting at the inner corner going outwards.

Scent – Despite being called “apricot” it actually smells like peaches to me. Fresh peaches. Not offensive, just pleasant.

Will I re-purchase? Nope.

Who do I recommend this to? Those looking for a super long lasting lip color that looks natural. Most long lasting lipsticks tend to be matte. Etude House Snowy Dessert Pudding tint makes lips look soft because of its slight sheen.

Rating: 3/5

KikaySiKat Rating Scale Guide
1 – It should cease to exist on the planet.
2 – Troublesome. Caused negative reactions for me or made me feel bad.
3 – Boringly Bleh. Not good. Not bad. It’s like… nothing…so I’ll just give it away.
4 – Wow. Amazeballs. It’s super effective! I’ll keep this in my stash for sure until  I find something better.
5 – It’s irreplaceable! *ala Beyonce* (disclaimer:unless it gets discontinued boohoo)

smells like peaches
heavy glass jar
stays super long
bright orange-red color
wearable orange
tint stayed on even after eating and drinking (even color and did not feather or bleed)
matte but not dry


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