Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Managing body hair regularly can be a stressful and time-consuming undertaking. If you prefer to remove the hair permanently, then laser hair removal is an excellent option. It is a very effective method that offers a safe way to maintain hairless skin. Find a laser hair removal near me.


Why Are More People Opting for Laser Hair Removal?

In the past, laser hair removal was considered too costly, ineffective and painful for some people. Luckily, the technology behind the procedure has continually been enhanced over the years, making the process more effective.


All in all, some of the top advantages of laser hair removal are:


  1. It is Fast

The procedure is quicker than waxing or shaving. One laser pulse takes a split second to penetrate an area around the size of a quarter. On the upper lip area, the procedure takes only about 60 seconds. Larger regions, such as the back can take 60 minutes. 

Within an average of three to seven laser sessions, much of the hair will be permanently removed.


  1. It’s Accurate

The technology behind contemporary laser hair removal has incredible precision. Pulses from the laser target coarse, dark hair mostly without damaging the lighter surrounding skin. Formerly, this posed issues for persons with light-colored hair and darker skin. Nowadays, there are new kinds of lasers available to combat this problem e.g., Diode lasers.


  1. It’s Predictable

Though results vary depending on variables like the size of the area being treated and the thickness and color of the hair, the procedure is entirely predictable. In most cases, a patient only needs to undergo a few sessions to attain semi-permanent or permanent hair loss. They experience thinner hair growth almost instantly.


  1. It’s a Worthwhile Investment

Many people view the average price of a laser hair removal session as too expensive. However, that is only the case if you don’t consider traditional hair removal methods. In her lifetime, the average woman shaves more than 7,700 times, using over $10,000 on shaving products and about $23,000 on waxing goods according to Glamour magazine. Laser hair removal is an excellent investment as it saves you money over time.


How It Works

During laser hair removal, a device releases beams of highly concentrated light straight into hair follicles. The melanin within the follicles absorbs the energy. That kills the follicles, which renders them unable to make more hair. Typically, the procedure is done over multiple sessions.


The process itself is straightforward. For approximately six weeks before your session, your doctor will ask you to refrain from removing your hair. However, you might be asked to shave before the procedure.


After the session, you might be given ice packs or anti-inflammatory cream for soothing purposes. Otherwise, you should be able to continue with your regular routine immediately after the procedure. You’ll need to wait for about six weeks before going back for follow-up sessions.


What Are The Potential Side Effects?

One of the top reasons why many people prefer laser hair removal is because it is so safe and gentle. The most common side effects include minor discomfort, redness, and swelling.


Contemporary laser hair removal techniques usually involve dermal cooling technologies, which decrease the worst side effects.



Laser hair removal is a lasting and effortless alternative to plucking, shaving, or waxing. A professional will perform the procedure, so there will be no mistakes or missed spots. You can save both time and money in the long run and will enjoy accurate results. Maintaining smooth, hair-free skin permanently has never been easier.


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