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Fern C Review – Non-Acidic Vitamin C


Experts say that Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. If there’s one vitamin I’d like to take everyday, that would have to be vitamin C. Us humans are not capable of producing this in our bodies thus we have to ingest it whether in food or supplements. A lot of readers have been asking me what vitamin C I take and I always have the same answer. Fern C. It’s high time that it finally gets reviewed don’t you agree? Continue reading for the full review and benefits of taking a non-acidic vitamin C.

Living in the city, as an employee, can be somewhat exhausting, especially with the endless stream of stressors, pollutants and pressures. At times, it can get too much to handle and in turn, drain the life out of you. That’s why you need something that can help you stay strong and resilient throughout the day’s ordeals – what you need is Vitamin C!


Vitamin C Benefits

  1. Increased immune system
  2. Prevention of common cold
  3. Slows down skin-aging
  4. Lessens stress and fatigue
  5. Promotes hair growth
  6. Prevents hang nails
  7. Makes you look and feel more energized
  8. Increases resistance against infectious diseases


How Much Vitamin C Do We Need?

According to experts, we need at least 500mg (for adults) of Vitamin C to be able to fully feel its benefits. There is minimal risk of overdose, since excess amounts gets excreted through our urinary tract. WARNING though, if you take too much Ascorbic Acid it would make you acidic and cause you more harm than good. That’s why I’m so relieved when Fern-C finally arrived in the Philippines.


Fern C Review

Most vitamin C  is made out of ascorbic acid. Sodium ascorbate consists of a combination of sodium and vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. In this mixture, sodium serves as a buffer, creating a less acidic supplement than those made entirely from ascorbic acid. This means it may be easier to tolerate if your digestive system is sensitive to acid. This is perfect for me because I am actually acidic. When I used to take Vitamin C  in ascorbic form, my stomach feels painful and gives my throat a burning sensation.

As a Sodium Ascorbate, FERN-C can be taken on an empty stomach. With its pH level at 7.5 to 7.8, it’s alkaline-based to neutralize acidity in the stomach. This makes it the perfect vitamin for on-the-go, busy bodies, who don’t always eat on time.


I started taking Fern-C again this year, and I must say I haven’t had colds or flu ever since! That’s a feat! Considering I never gave myself a flu-shot. I take 2 capsules daily, one in the morning and one at night. This also helps boost the collagen production for our body’s supply! I look and feel great everyday thanks to this vitamin. I highly recommend this to everyone in any age!



They also have COFFEE! Packed with not only Vitamin C but B Vitamins too. Perfect to give us that energy boost throughout the day! Woot woot!

Where to buy? or any drugstore NATIONWIDE! ^_^

How much does it cost? 65php for a box of 10, 195php for a box of 30, 1,300php for a box of 200


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