In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser
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FLASH REVIEW: In Her Element Rose Gel Facial Cleanser

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In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser
In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser

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I just ran out of my 3rd bottle of Human Heart Nature Moisture Boost Facial Wash so it’s perfect timing that In Her Element’s Low PH Rose Gel Cleanser + Glow Job 5% Glycolic Gel Cream Arrived in the mail.

Ive been using the cleanser for about a week now and the Glow Job 1x (I introduce acids slowly in my skincare routine)



In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser
In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser

The pump bottle dispenses the perfect amount that I need to create some suds to cleanse my face with.

I love rose-fragranced products and this one is laced with its soft scent.

Used the wash after my oil makeup remover because I’m a double cleansing kind of gal. Especially with all the gunk I put on my face. It rinses well and doesn’t leave my skin tight, dry, or oily. If I was Goldilocks ill say the cleanser is juuuuuuuust right!

What’s the benefit of using a PH balanced cleanser on your face? Everything! Too much acids or even basic can strip of your skin’s natural protection. It also makes the perfect base for the next step may it be serum or moisturiser.



In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser
In Her Element Rose Gel Cleanser

I didn’t get any adverse reactions from the Rose Gel Cleanser so I think I’ll be using up the rest of the bottle 💕 The scent is TDF and I think its so easy to pair up with my other skincare products.

It’s too soon for me to review the GLOW JOB so I’m crossing my fingers my face has enough time to rest and test!

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