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Baby Foot Peel Review! (with Before and After)

Okay okay okay! This has been trending for a few months now and am I late to join the hype train? I’ve been reviewing mostly face-centric products recently and have been neglected my poor feet. After wearing chucks almost everyday while weight lifting. My feet’s skin built up this icky callouses that can only be removed by either:

  •  a. going to the foot spa
  •  b. trying out the baby foot peel

I don’t have the time of day to visit a spa so BabyFoot Peel  it is! Does it really work as it claims? Watch my video and/or read my review! Sinisipag tayo ngayon eh! Hehehe!



Description: A popular Japanese brand for foot care, Baby Foot provides effective foot exfoliating treatments that help deliver a softer, smoother feel to skin. It works by helping promote the shedding of dead skin cells using a blend of 17 types of natural fruit acids in the span of a week to 10 days, and is designed for easy use at home. Remove rough, dry, hardened skin and experience baby-soft feet with Baby Foot.

Now it has 2 sizes available in the Philippines; Medium and Large. I got the one in Medium!


Tagalog time: Problema nyo ba kalyo sa paa mga bes? Walang time mag foot spa? Pwes! Tignan nyo tong BabyFoot Peel! Parang maging OMG! Suot nyo lang ng 1 hour. Rinse. Then wait for the magic to happen!


I soaked mine a little longer (60 minutes) then rinsed it off with mild soap and water. I eagerly waited each day to see the peeling progress (refer to video). It wasn’t until Day 3 that my feet started to shed skin like a snake. Such a sight to behold!

By Day 7  I got impatient and manually scrubbed of the skin using my fingernails (tsk tsk bad! peeling yourself is not recommended actually).

Look at the before and after photos below! I LOVE IT! It’s even better than an actual foot spa IMO. More efficient in removing those thick callouses. My feet never felt as soft!

According to BabyFoot, we can use this every 4 months. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE ON YOUR FACE PLEASE AT ALL COSTS. This is potent stuff!

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