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Review: Silvertec Super Powerbank 7500mAh – Bang for Your Buck Battery

Brand – Silvertec
Model – OA7 Super Powerbank 7500 mAh
Price – 1099php
Where to buy – Octagon

There are HUNDREDS of powerbanks in the market and I’ve tried several purchased from different stores. Even branded ones. But one brand stood out that made me repurchase from them. Silvertec. Yes. I did my own googling research and found out that SANYO batteries from Japan are superior in quality and guarantees actual charging according to mAh. C’mon you know what I’m talking about. Powerbanks claiming to have 20,000 mAh but cannot charge up to 50% of your phone’s battery.
Sadly, I broke my first Silvertec Powerbank (featured on my “Must Have Gadgets for Bloggers“) when I dropped it around 3 feet from the floor. I thought of buying a korean brand from Digibabe (my fave girly gadget store) but when I found out it costs almost the same, I went back to Octagon and purchased this super cute pink powerbank that has 2 slots and is compatible with both
Android and Apple devices.


Model: OA7
Input: DC 5.0V – 1,500mAh
Output 1: 1100mAh
Output 2: 2100mAh
It can charge up to 2 devices at the same time although it charges faster on output 2. Don’t get mislead
where it’s made. It’s designed in Hong Kong, Made in China (tsk almost everything is made in China anyways) but the technology used is from Japan.


I use my powerbank most of the time when I’m travelling and
still addicted to using my phone because it’s boring to just stare at the
window right? Hehehe..
Charging Time while using – 4 hours to full. This is while I’m watching movies ha.
Charging Time when not in use – 2 hours to full.
oh and I still have 2 dots extra left in my powerbank. For reals!
It’s sturdy, compact, and light enough to carry around.
I highly recommend this powerbank and I’m writing this because
I don’t want this product to go out of the Philippine market. LOL it’s too good.
I’m not even paid to write this. I bought the powerbank from my own pocket huhuhu.


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