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Fragrance Review: CK2 – A Safe Scent You Can Wear Everyday

If I had to be honest with you, I really thought the whole CK2 being marketed as a gender-free scent is a load of bull. Why? Because CK One, the first and the original; was marketed as a unisex fragrance. Both for men and women. But after a few moments of realization, gender now goes beyond a boy or a girl. It can be both or anything in between. Whatever you like. Sparkling like champagne, I’ve been using CK2 as a summer fragrance since its release. It just smells attractive
Calvin Klein made a hit with its unisex fragrance CK One from 1994, which marked the urban youth of the nineties. It was followed by less popular unisex edition CK Be in 1996. In 2016, Calvin Klein returns to its tradition and presents a new scent that is gender free called CK2, intended for the generation known as the Millennials.
Announced as an urban woody – fresh scent, CK2 begins with unsual combination if wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf. Wet cobblestones and concrete accords are mixed with orris root and rose absolute and placed on the woody base of vetiver, sandalwood and incense.


Longevity – Moderate
Sillage – Moderate
(learn more about Longevity and Sillage on my Fragrance for Newbies)
I was planning to sell my bottle after giving it a few whiffs and sprays to test it out. The joke’s on me. The initial spray was a burst of citrus, mandarin oranges and cool wasabi then dries down to a blend of sandalwood, vetiver and incense that fused well with my skin’s chemistry. It’s not the usual perfume I’d label as a signature, but I’ve been using it daily because it makes me smell like I just came out from the shower.
I like CK2. It’s not the kind of fragrance that’s going to wow you or have you waxing poetic about its beauty, but it’s a lot better than it seems at first and smells fairly unique. It’s light–there’s no doubt about that. But as it possesses a certain airiness it also has a definitely noticeable sillage, and you will catch wafts of it throughout the day as you wear it. As far as its smell, it’s a sweet woody floral with a dry ozonic element which gives it a sort of crisp texture.
An easy fragrance to reach for and something to wear when you don’t really feel like wearing much of anything but still want to wear something…It smells good whatever gender you prefer.. if that makes sense. Longevity is surprisingly good. 2 Thumbs up. I’m keeping my bottle thank you!

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