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Food Review: Cafe Breton for the BEST Crepes in the Metro

Comfort food. Definitely. Cafe Breton is an understated titas of manila hangout place where they serve absolutely the best crepes in town! (If you know some place better let me know).


Their bestseller: Filipino Style Classic Spaghetti

Classic Crepe of Lemon and Sugar
Eating while werking


Ambiance – It’s french chic. They serve your food on elegant ceramic plates that make you feel you’ve travelled to Europe. Warm
and cozy.
Taste – The crepes are prepared perfectly. Not to thick, not to thin and flimsy. It’s al-dente. They’re generous with the fillings  and serve them piping hot. My favorite is the one with apple and cinammon and their best seller is the one with mangoes and Nutella. I like em with whipped cream and ice cream! Gah… I’m craving again. If you’re opting for something less sweet and more savoury their spaghetti is superb! It’s filipino-homecooked style that just spells c-o-m-f-o-r-t. Now I’ve tried quite a number of restaurants that serves crepe and nothing has beat Cafe Breton in its top number 1 spot in my tummy.
Service – Well it really depends on your luck. Service isn’t consistent. There are times that I have to work extra hard to get
the server’s attention.
Price – For a good satisfying meal you need to spend around 300php/person and this does not include their drinks and coffee. A date would roughly cost you
1,000php for two.
Will I eat here again? YES. Again and again and again.
Rating: 5/5

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