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Get Your Perfect Pink Nails with Benefit x Solique | #BenefitXSolique

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Holiday season’s one of the time we need everything primped and prettify. From the top of our tresses to the tips of our toes. Benefit Cosmetics collaborated with top nail polish brand Solique by Girlstuff, to give us the perfect pink nails this holiday season. Trust me. Your nails can make or break your look.


Are you particular with your nails? Sure more often than not I make sure my face is on point. Using the best skincare and makeup that I could possibly have, but nails? I keep em short for my heavy lifting at the gym and rarely polished. Except for special occasions! There’s also just a few nail polish brands that I trust with my claws and one of them is Girl Stuff’s Solique.


Why You Should Love Girl Stuff Solique Nail Polish


It’s an innovative nail polish product that works like Gel Polish without the need for special UV Lamps! All you need is some good ol’ sunshine and your nails will be perfect.

  • 2-step system: GEL COLOR + GEL TOPCOAT. When these two are used, and activated by sun, the combination for ms a tough film over the nail.
  • Over time, and especially under sunlight, nail polish strengthens and becomes more durable
  • They don’t contain the three toxic chemicals DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde
  • Cures with natural light. NO NEED FOR artificial UV Light!
  • Can be removed easily with any Nail Polish Remover! NO NEED FOR SOAKING!

Benefit X Solique

I’m a proud bene-babe and their colors SCREAM femme. Pinks, pastels, glam, and glitter. During their launch my co bene-babes were treated to brow shaping (courtesy of brow master Celine) and try out the new nail polish collection ourselves. Take a look!



Benefit x Solique Colours:

  • Whimsy – Pink with subtle pearlescent
  • Dream – White with a tinge of pink
  • Twinkle – Pink and white sparkles
  • Charmed – Muave with subtle pearlescent


Benefit Holiday Sets

Besides having this beautiful nail polish collection, Benefit Cosmetics also treats us with these superb gift sets. That let as save as much as 50% off from their collection O_O

benefit holiday gift sets

Happy holidays everybody! What’s your favorite shade from this collection? Mine’s Whimsy!









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