Review: Happy Skin Eye Am the One Mascara

What? Happy Skin Eye Am the One Mascara
How much? 899.50php 

I’ve tried a lot of mascara brands na and I am still not satisfied. Why? Because even if I find something good on one brand, there’s still something missing from my mascara requirements (chos, mascara lang may requirements pa!) haha but really! Here they are:

KikaySiKat HG Mascara Requirements (Holy Grail)

  • Must lengthen my lashes
  • Must give tons of volume
  • Must hold the curl
  • Must not cost more than 1,000php
  • Must be easy to remove. Removal with warm water is a ++
Most brands get 3/5 requirements. I think the last one that got 4/5 is Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus or Lash king but removal was a pain in the eyes. Gosh I dont know how many strands of lashes fell off because it was freaking tough to remove, even with oil, even with makeup remover. @#)*~#)!@!)(~ but I still used it because it gave me wonderful falsie like lashes. 
Kaya when I posted a question on my beauty blogger friends on facebook for mascara recommendations that can fit my requirement, one of them (Rowena from recommended Happy Skin Eye Am the One Holy Grail Mascara I needed to try it ASAP kasi removal with warm water was music to my ears. But, can it deliver to the other requirements?

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara promises to lengthen, give volume and curl, effortless removal and even stimulate growth of lashes! (o may bonus pa)
It’s proudly developed in the Philippines and precisely made in Japan 
It comes in a simple purple tube with the label Eye Am the One.  It’s pretty unique and can stand out among your other mascaras.
The wand and brush is pretty basic too. The mascara formula has a wet mousse-like texture with some fiber.
I apply it just like any old mascara. Bottom-up in zig-zag motion.
Ta-Da! Ermergerd! Lashes so on point it almost reached my brows!

Happy Skin Eye Am The One Mascara

  • Must lengthen my lashes – YES
  • Must give tons of volume – YES
  • Must hold the curl – YES
  • Must not cost more than 1,000php – YES
  • Must be easy to remove. Removal with warm water is a ++ – YES
  • It even has extracts to stimulate lash growth ERMERGERD

Final Thoughts

Look at my lashes. LOOK AT THEM!!! I never seen them this long and so beautiful. It made me look I have falsies on. Oh and the best part? It’s so easy to remove. It slides of easily when I take a warm shower at night! Stress-free and it saves me from spending on a separate eye makeup remover. YES. This is holy grail material and YES please don’t stop making this Happy Skin because I will keep buying it over and over and I don’t think I will spend my money on another mascara brand ever again because. 
Eye have found the one. 


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