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Happy Heart’s Day Everyone.. and a Short Letter..

A note to my loving husband.. there are a lot of memorable things you did, that makes me really happy and makes me feel blessed to have a husband like you.I would never forget the time when I recently gave birth to Geof, and was not allowed to take a bath for a while (gross I know) because of old-wives tale, and

Being an obedient daughter-in-law, haha I didn’t. I just wiped myself clean. Although my hair, was never shampooed. Because it was told that one will go crazy when a woman takes a bath within the month after she gives birth (crazyyy customs I know!).
I was feeling depressed ,with the post-partum blues, feeling like trash and all icky. My hair was so itchy, it felt so sticky and dirty. I just ached and longed to be clean.
It was a Saturday, he bought me a DVD of “God’s Must Be Crazy” and we watched It together, indeed it was one of the funniest movies I saw. He told me he bought that to
Cheer me up. I looked so “down” daw. Well who wouldn’t?! Haha.. J Then, right after watching, I was surprised when he started pouring the water he heated to a basin and mixed it in, got shampoo, and led me to the sink. He shampooed my hair. I saw all the dirt and grime on the sink it was disgusting! Haha..
To one person, a shampoo may not be a big deal. But to me, at that moment of time. It was one of the best shampoo I had. I felt so loved. Special.
Writing this made me teary-eyed and very emotional. I miss him so much. If you have been a frequent visitor of my blog, you would know where he is right now.Papa, I hope you are reading this. I know you visit my blog when I post something you call “non-makeup blog days”. Well, this is sorta one of those days. To be honest,
It’s nearing valentine’s and I don’t have a gift for you yet. And even if I did, I don’t know how to send it to you. We may be far apart right now, but I want you to know
You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Ever since the day we met, I felt happy and finally content. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day…


  • Camille(SHOBE)

    happy V day to you too dear.such sweet words..i feel bad cause me and my hubby had a small fight yesterday i cant hand him my gift for today.nevertheless we always know that our sweethearts loves us no matter what.

    On the other hand we love them din naman no matter what..we just prefer both..yung love and yung bribe hehe

  • K

    Happy valentines to you michelle!

    Happy Valentines Nikki, thanks 🙁 Kahit ako naiyak nung sinulat ko yan, ang hirap ng malayo sya..

    Happy valentines camille, im sure you've already patched up and on a date right now 🙂

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