How Not to Display Art: 4 Grave Mistakes

How Not to Display Art: 4 Grave Mistakes

A home without at pieces of art decorating the walls can feel incomplete. The personality of the room is compromised and it can, at times, feel empty. If you are reading this then you probably already agree with the previous line but would like to get your art placement right the first time around.

This article will help you avoid the trial and error route. After all, it’s a shame if you have beautiful pieces of wall art that you can display at home but you’re making any one of these four mistakes which people often do. You may even be a beginner considering purchasing you’re first pieces of beautiful wall art to help bring your place alive. If you are, you should read on to see how to avoid errors when displaying your art.

Too High on the Wall

Wall art is meant to be placed at a height on the wall where everyone can view it comfortably, so if you hang it too high, it’s automatically a bad decision. People will not look at it for as long as they would if it was placed at eye level because nobody likes to crane their neck for long periods of time to look at something! Besides, most wall art is drawn and designed to be looked at from the eye level, so if you are looking at it from a lower viewpoint, the perspective changes and the piece won’t exactly have the same effect.


If the print is way too small or big for your room, it isn’t ideal, but it still might work. What this means is that if you must mismatch intentionally, make sure that the contrast is stark enough for people to understand that it was done intentionally. Ideally, though, the size of the painting should be in proportion to the wall and the space it’s being hung from. Feel free to add a thicker or thinner frame to compensate, if that helps.

Lack of Variety

A typical mistake is to cover all the walls of your home with similar wall art and since your home is not an art gallery, you need to stop it from looking like one! Aside from the art gallery mistake, the lack of variety also takes away the “wow” factor from each of the individual pieces. Vary your wall art in ways that each piece gets the attention it needs from the onlooker, rather than being lost in a sea of similar works. Feel free to leave a wall empty or opt for some different design choice of your own if you want to.

Art on the Walls Only

Take the hanging bit out of wall art by simply leaning a particularly large piece against the wall or the couch. Keep in mind that if you plan to lean art on a bookshelf or a mantle, it doesn’t have to be as big. This is a great way to add variety to your art arrangement without going through any great effort for it.

Remember that while art has a lot to do with the way you display it, the pieces also need to look like something that is a part of your home. It doesn’t always mean that your entire décor and your paintings need to match; all it means is that they should not appear unrelated to the people living there.

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