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REVIEW: Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Advanced Film | False Lashes for Daysssss

My heart broke when I heard the news that the brand Heroine Make is discontinuing here in the Philippines. I was there when Heroine Make launched back in 2014 and supported the brand every step of the way. They produce the best mascaras out there, including their mascara remover (because girlllll it doesn’t budge).

Good thing there are some IG Shops that sell Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara that aren’t overpriced. Just be careful of fakes. I’m sorry to tell you I forgot where I bought this one @_@ but I got it for 750php.


The one I purchased is the advance film type. Japanese waterproof mascaras are infamous for their staying power. That even the toughest makeup removers cannot take off. That’s why I chose their new variant that easily slides off with warm water.



It has a thick moussey dark formula that takes a few seconds to set and dry. Be very careful when blinking. But this type provides the volume and length my short, sparse, thin and flimsy lashes need. Heroine Make Long and Curl also has these tiny fibers that help extend my lashes’ length.


Heroine Make Long and Curl has short and plentiful bristles that can grab each lash and even reach the corners

Staying Power

If you’re looking for a heavy duty mascara. Look no further. Heroine Make is so good it can last even when you’re crying. I remember their anime lady model “cries” in her photos

Curl and Lift

The light formula doesn’t weigh my lashes down. Even with 4-6 layers (yes sweetie I love to layer my mascara), it still manages to lift without using a curler. Use a curler and prepare to look like a doll!




Final Thoughts

If someone from Mandom Philippines or Heroine Make is reading this right now. For the love of God please bring back the brand here. You will have my full support. I will ask my beauty blogger friends to help promote the brand. I will tell all my readers how good this is. BECAUSE IT IS. I WANT IT BACK. BRING IT BACK.




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