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How to Apply False Lashes – 9 Expert Tips


If you’ve ever tried to apply false lashes then you’ll know what an absolute pain it can be, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or going for your first attempt. You finally find the right light and a clean workspace but suddenly you can’t find the eyelash glue or tweezers and you should’ve left the house 10 minutes ago.


The Flawless infographic below about applying false lashes gives a nice step by step on how to do get the maximum effect from your lash application. The trick is in the detail. How many times have we managed to ruin the eyelash before we’ve even had a chance to apply it? How many times have we applied it and then noticed that it’s just that little bit too long?


Your choice of false lashes should be based on the style you want to go for but also your eye shape. Get this wrong and you’ll give yourself a little more difficulty than you’d probably like. If your eye shape is more hooded, then we’d suggest going for a longer lash to give a more dramatic effect. A rounded eye shape should use a shorter lash for more volume.


Take your time with the glue application and be careful to not use too much. The trick here is to wait a short period until the glue becomes tacky, but not too long that it dries out, then apply it to your eyelash. As with most things, practice makes perfect. A steady hand will set you up for eyelash success and all the joy that comes with it.


Sometimes maybe it’s just best we all take an eyelash extension course and become the eyelash pro in our friendship group. The 9 expert tips infographic to applying false eyelashes can be seen below




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