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How to Chase Your Dreams and Actually Catch It (KikaySiKat Turns 5)

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Have you wanted to do something so bad but can’t because of so many number of circumstances that hinders you? Let’s face it. It’s tough to give 100% of our efforts to something that isn’t really in our interests, our passion. That spark of flame that keeps us going. I’m sitting on my work station, at the office as I’m writing this blog post now. I’ve been contemplating on how I want to quit (yes resign) from office because this no longer fuels my drive for life. The factors that make me stay here are well, fear. Fear of not having a stable paycheck every month, fear of losing the high-speed internet the corporate office provides, fear of not being able to provide to Geof well enough. But we shouldn’t really be driven by fear right? We should live for love.


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I’m aching to know if you’re also in my shoes. What is your dream?  Me? I have this burning desire to fulfill my dream of living to write. Living to know. Living to share! Ever since I was little, I was driven to find knowledge and share it to as many people as possible. That is why I started this blog. To my surprise, people slowly started following this blog and in time, somehow became a success. You know the feeling when you’re doing something and you know deep in your heart that this it is your calling?


How can we define passion? I was ranting to Cleo the other day and he told me the best definition for passion. It’s a perfect harmony of talent and interest. One cannot survive without the other. Let’s say for example, you like to draw, but suck at it. Who are we kidding? No matter how hard you practice, you can never be successful because you really lack the talent for it. Another example is, if you are a talented painter, but you find other hobbies more interesting like, breeding dogs. Even people force you to paint, you only leave everyone half-halfheartedly because you don’t like to paint.


How to chase your dream? Think. If money was not an object, what would you do? This is inspired by Alan Watts’ short lecture on finding your ‘Why’ or your purpose. I’m sure that it’s not my lifelong purpose to sit on a desk 8 hours a day, doing corporate work. Yes, they are tasks that I can do, but it’s something I won’t do if not only for the monthly paycheck to pay the bills. One of the steps in achieving your dream is mastering your craft. Find out everything about it. Gain experience. Learn from the best. Find mentors.


To catch your dream  you must find your innermost desires, and make sure you’re good at it. You have to let go of what you’re hands are holding on to right now.  Whether it’s a boring job,  a toxic career, or a heavy load of responsibilities. We should let go in order to receive. We;re in this together. Honestly speaking,  I haven’t mustered enough courage to let go of my job. The what ifs? I’ve met a lot of people who let go of their corporate jobs, pursued their passion and became a success! They were in even better situations financially than they were working 9-5! 
I’m writing this right now not only to inspire myself, but hopefully inspire others to do the same. While I cannot proudly say I already caught my dream, I’m still chasing it, really hard. One day, and not someday I can write another letter saying, we finally made it. 
If money was no object, what would you do in your life? I’d love to know your dream too. Let’s chase it together. Leave your comments below


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