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Instant Sore Throat Relief – Speak Up – Sarah Geronimo for Kamillosan

Your voice plays an integral part in your everyday activities. However, it is inevitable that your lifestyle could take its toll on your voice, like when you get sore throat.

Sore throat is normally caused by viruses or bacteria. That’s why sometimes beyond just irritation or itchiness, you feel pain in swallowing and swelling. Presenting Kamillosan M Spray – a clinically proven all natural sore throat spray solution. It contains 8 active ingredients that effectively sooth and relieve sore throat.

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Visit to know more about Kamillosan. It costs Php 428.00 SRP for a 15ml bottle good for 104 sprays

These 8 ingredients (chamomile extract, methyl salicylate, peppermint oil, sage oil, anise oil, dwarf pine needle oil, bergamot oil, cineol) – work together in fighting and treating sore throat. Its main ingredient, Chamomile, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce pain, swelling, and redness. Combined with the anti-bacterial effects of essential oils such as Peppermint, Sage, and Bergamot, Kamillosan is highly suited for sore throat relief.

Sarah Geronimo for Kamillosan


Last April 21 2017, Kamilosan launched its latest campaign with a new endorser at Discovery Suites Primea. This was also the venue where Kamillosan launched its Speak Up Advocacy – in the hopes of making the brand mean more to the market beyond just providing relief from sore throat.While waiting for the event to start, guests where requested to participate in the Kamillosan video booth, and record their answers to the question. “How do you encourage people with the power of your voice?”


The actual event kicked off with a brief welcome and introduction from A. Menarini Philippines’ General Manager , Ninia Torres.Ths was followed by an overview on sore throat by Dra. Clarissa Fortuna, supported by a product discussion from the brands medical manager, Dr. Gabby Santos.


But the voice that got everyone speaking up was Kamillosan’s latest endorser – Sarah Geronimo. She charmed everyone in her grand entrance as shwe powerfully sang and captured hearts. Sarah also shared her own singing journey which highlighted how she learned to be an inspiration and motivation to others by power of voice and positivity – making her the perfect fit for Kamilosan’s Speak Up campaign.


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