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Travel Diary: Buhay OFW sa Singapore PART 2

Disclaimer: (This is Part 2 of a 3 Part OFW sa Singapore series). No you will not see breathtaking travel photos. This is my disclaimer. My memory of Singapore is blurry even. I’m writing my travel diary as an OFW in Singapore to keep memories before they are gone. I regret not taking enough photos to use in blogging. I was there to work, because I came there to “save” a marriage that should never be. I’ll write what I can. Even in short bursts of sentences. So do not expect as this is a personal musing than a travelog.

 This is PART 2 of a 3 Part Buhay OFW sa Singapore Series


I love eating Kaya toasts for breakfast. They’re like comfort food. Also the 1SGD curry puffs. That I ate everyday but not take a single photo of. A photo my “menudo” with hotdogs which was a complete failure. A favorite office snack, wasabi green peas.


I go to the grocery a lot to buy shit I don’t need. I also watch movies to spend time. Alone. I didn’t have many friends. I can count them in one hand, they were also my friends back in the Ph. I tried attending church to have something to believe in.


Adobo that Arvin cooked. Fried tofu, and a Subway pita sandwich that didn’t taste good.


Chocolate pretzels, watching news on TV, and my first time to do laundry.


McFlurry. Me making a duckface inside the airport, and with the little one once more.


I loved riding the train and going to different malls. I believe malls are slowly going extinct in Singapore now.

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