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Jollibee Calories and Nutrition Facts

Detailed infographic below. How many calories is there in a regular yum burger? What’s the nutrition facts for 1 piece Chickenjoy? I won’t deny it. I balance my meals. I don’t eat “healthy” 100% of the time. I admire people who can live off of vegetables or protein alone but for me? I eat what I want! (In moderation). I call it the bi-polar diet. Gosh I even tried Paleo at one point (if it was easy to  There are days where I eat clean, there are days where I eat dirty! I don’t have cheat days, I hate scheduling, it will make you go crazy in my opinion.

KikaysiKat and baby Geof goes to Jolibee!

Let’s begin with our favorite local fast food chain Jolibee. Burgers, Chickenjoy, Spaghetti, Fries, Shakes, and Peach Mango Pie! Their breakfasts are not so bad either. You know what’s my favorite in Jolibee? The seasonal savoury Tunaa pie! My son loves their pancakes. When dining out, I still try to keep track of macros and calories because I do estimates for IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) but tracking and “searching” for individual food all the time tired me, so……. I decided to consolidate the nutrition facts of Jollibee food thanks to MyFitnessPal.


You can print this infographic to pin on your workstation, keep a photo in your mobile device, and share with your friends. Enjoy! Happy Weekend!



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