SM Beauty FACE SEARCH Winners 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I was granted the opportunity to be one of the special guests in the announcement of the winners of the SM Beauty FACE SEARCH 2014. These lucky ladies get to win a year worth of contract of hosting and modelling opportunities from Lifestyle Network and MEGA Magazine. Whew imagine that! I have a funny story to share too, when I received an e-mail invitation, the invite said

Dear Kat,
We’ve been searching for a beautiful face and we think you should know that YOU have one of our most favourite faces!
Sooo…. Would you spend the afternoon with us? Please say yes. 
October 17, 2014, Friday.4pmSMX AURA Meeting Room 4&5. 
The invite’s on the way to you! 🙂 

My funny and embarassing reaction was, I thought I actually won the contest! LOL so I replied with much excitement and energy. That’s the not-so-good side of being optimistic and assuming. But all is good and well. I discovered that I didn’t win anything and was invited as part of the media team who’ll share the news and spread the word ^_^; So now I present you the real winners and lucky girls!

April Vanessa Llenares Scott

Hobbies interests: modelling, painting, singing, guitar, piano. 
What made me decide to join the face search?: i decided to join the face search because as a model im interested in beauty and the object of this competition was to be the next big thing in beauty, so naturally i figured, if anything i would learn some knowledge that i could use to enhance my self as a model in my career.   
What i learned from my face sesrch experience: I learned that beauty is not just about a pretty face, real beauty can be found in the way a person represents themselves to others, thr way they treat and respect others is just as beautiful as having genetically perfect features.

Lindsay Louise Chetaud

Age: 16 years old. My hobbies are swimming, camping, ice skating and shopping. 
Why made you decide to join the face search?: I decided to join the face search because I know it’ll be a perfect opportunity to learn new things with makeup, styling and etiquette.
What did you learn from your face search experience?: I learned everything that a beauty ambassador should know like how to take care of myself with skin care. The proper makeup to wear in the morning and at night. How to wear the right clothes and accessories that fit my body type and to be humble and gracious to the people that I meet.

Bettina Tubig Dela Paz

Age: 21
Hobbies/interest: I like to sketch and I’m interested in make up, fashion, art, and architecture
What made you decide to join face search?: I spotted the ad of SM Beauty Face Search on Facebook and I saw this as an amazing opportunity for me to try something I really want to do which is modeling. It was also a chance to learn new things and grow along the way.
What did you learn from your face search experience?: I learned a lot from the experience, our Glam Camp taught not just about fashion and make up but also about etiquette and inner beauty. It has also taught me to be confident and assertive about creating myself.


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