MAC Lipstick Comparison on a Filipina – Are You a Diva or a Rebel?

You know one of those days when you’re in a really sucky mood? Superficial na kung superficial but sometimes a new tube of lipstick is what we need to feel a tad better. I was in a quest to search for a lipstick that will make me look tougher, stronger and I went to my favorite MAC Counter at SM Makati for suggestions and they gave me 2 options for my features: MAC Diva and MAC Rebel. Oh yes, I had the matching resting b*tch face too.

MAC Diva vs MAC Rebel

Rebel – a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.
Diva – a woman regarded as temperamental or haughty.
Swatching: Rebel on top. Diva on Bottom.

MAC Rebel
MAC Diva

MAC Rebel leans towards dark purplish/pink while MAC Diva is a strong dark brick red on my lips. Both are flattering (IMO) and can really make your features look stronger. I’m not used to wearing bold lip colors and when I tried this the first time I was pretty shocked. It does take some time getting used to dark lipsticks. 
Guess which one I chose?

The deep red color is flexible for a wide variety of wardrobe and makeup looks.  Rebel is also too cool for my liking. 

I was hoping to choose Rebel in the end because I’m a rebel than a diva. But maybe what I think I am does not really reflect on how others see me? Naks deep. 
How about you? Which do you prefer? Diva or Rebel? Leave your comment below loves!


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