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MAC Pink Nouveau

I’ve been reading a lot of raves from this particular shade of lipstick lately so I just got to try it! *jumps up and down with glee*

When I want a pop of color on my face, I reach for my lippie rather than shadows or blush. Why? Because its so convinient to just slap it on my lips without any mirror (ehem, my lips are quite “big” or “full” so its foolproof haha).

Most lippies I have are quite similar; Note to self:  Stop purchasing similar hot pink lipsticks!!!!
so this is new to me.

It’s a bright, blue-based pink that on me lean towards to lilac

I love it when first applied however after some hours or so, it fades into a corpse-like tint on my lips thats a very very unpleasant sight! So I have to check every now and then if I need to re-apply. It’s also a bit drying making my lips chappy and more zombie looking as time passes.

So what do you think gals? Have you tried MAC’s Pink Nouveau? Do you think it suits me?
What more shades can you suggest?

Haha 🙂

Love lots and missing you all,


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