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Review: Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara


I always, always, use makeup regularly before posting a detailed review. Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara is no exception. Mascaras are one of my makeup kit staple. A swipe or two will instantly brighten up your gloomy eyes. As long as it doesn’t smudge and my previous one (Eye of Horus Bio Lash Lift Mascara) ran on empty so I scoured my box of blessings (press seedings) to look for a replacement. I picked Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara sample because it’s been stuck there since last year and it looks sad. HAHAHA.

Continue reading the post for the full review, photos, and before & after shot.

  • What? Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara

  • Where to buy? Beauty Bar 

  • How much does it cost? 20USD


Take your lashes to new levels of dramatic length, volume and definition with Boundless Lashes Mascara. The innovative brush has 3 different textures to intensify every lash!


The soft bristle side coats lashes evenly. The firm bristle side combs through lashes for increased volume. The spiked brush tip lifts and separates lashes for added definition and curl.


How to Use:

  1. For a natural look apply mascara using the soft bristles of the wand.
  2. For added volume, comb through with the firmer bristles of the wand.
  3. For added definition and curl, lift and separate lashes using the tip of the wand.

PicMonkey Image

Cargo Boundless Lashes Mascara Review

  • Formula – It’s a bit wet and takes time to dry so make sure you don’t blink over and over. You wait for at least 1 minute
  • Is it waterproof/sweatproof? Nope.  It already smudged after thorough sweat with my wrestling. At the end of the day it was non existent on my lashes and transfered on my undereyes instead.
  • Brush – They mentioned it has a soft side, a hard side, and a pointy side to reach hard spots. I like the soft and pointy, but oh boy the hard side is really stiff. If you’re not careful it does hurt and poke your eye. This is based from my experience.
  • Curling/Lift – It lifts the lashes beautifuly even without using an eyelash curler. It does hold the curl.
  • Final Thoughts – A bit pricey for a mascara so I’m glad I got a sample size for free. This is something I can use everyday. I don’t think I’ll purchase a full size as I need something that can withstand my active lifestyle

How about you guys? I’d love to know what your current favorite mascara is so I can try!


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