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Quick Beauty Tip: Make Eyes Look Younger Instantly


This beauty trick is old but gold so I decided to share it to you anyways. If you might not know yet, if you do good news; here’s a really really good product to use. How to make eyes look younger instantly?


I had a few credits left on my Althea Korea account and decided to splurge on a quick eyeliner shopping haul. I’ve got a lot of waterproof pencil eyeliners in color black but I have yet to find a pearlescent eyeliner that lasts throughout the day. I read good reviews on Innisfree’s Gel Liner so I got one in Beige.

What it is

Gel liner
A smooth, vivid, waterproof gel liner

1. Smooth gel formula
Minimizes irritation around the eyes and displays vivid, true colors

2. Excellent adhesion and quick drying
An eyeliner that creates beautiful eyes without smudges in just 10 seconds

3. Waterproof and durable
The waterproof film formula keeps eyes clear all day long to make it look as if you’ve just put on makeup

4. Contains eye-protecting ingredients
Contains coconut oil and vitamin E to alleviate any dryness around the eyes


Innisfree Gel Eyeliner in Peach swatched on hand.


The simple makeup trick to making your eyes look younger is proper use of corner highlights. Add a tiny bit of pearlescent or white eyeliner on the corner of your eyes to make your peepers really POP and make your eyes look younger.


What’s nice about Innisfree’s gel eyeliner is that it lasts surprisingly long. It’s quite hard to remove too! It doesn’t budge even when you rub it after it sets. I got it for more or less 200php for the eyeliner alone and that’s a steal don’t you think?



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