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What Is the Main Cause of Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that costs multiple deaths each year worldwide. Although you can manage it, many people struggle with this disease without knowing its cause. There are valuable diabetes resources that will provide insights into this deadly disease and its causes. Read on and find out about some of them below.

Types of diabetes and their causes:

a) Type 1 Diabetes:

It is insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes. When you have it, the pancreas generates little or no insulin. This chronic disease happens when the immune system attacks the beta cells that produce insulin and destroy them. Scientists have done countless research to determine the cause of Type 1 diabetes. They cite the common cause as being genes and environmental factors like viruses.

b) Type 2 Diabetes:

It is the most common type of disease. You can attribute it to various causes such as genes, obesity, excess weight, and lifestyle factors. Type 2 diabetes often begins with insulin resistance.

It is a condition whereby the liver, fat cells, and muscle fail to use insulin well. The body requires more insulin. Therefore, the pancreas does the work of producing it. However, over time the pancreas stops producing enough insulin. It eventually leads to the blood glucose levels going up.

c) Gestational Diabetes:

It is a type of diabetes that develops when a woman is pregnant. The hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy cause it. Some pregnant women can produce ample insulin to prevent its resistance. Gestational diabetes takes place when the pancreas fails to make the needed insulin.

Causes of Diabetes:

a) Genes and family history:

People of a particular ethnicity and race are more likely to develop diabetes. For instance, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and American Indians are susceptible to diabetes purely due to their ethnicity. Genes increase the risk of an individual developing type 2 diabetes. Additionally, the probability of an individual getting type 2 diabetes increases if a family member has it.

b) Weight:

Individuals are encouraged to keep a healthy lifestyle to keep away from diseases. People who are not physically active, obese, or overweight are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Extra weight contributes to insulin resistance. Generally, it increases the likelihood of developing diabetes.

c) Hormonal Diseases:

Some conditions can trigger the body to generate too many hormones. Eventually, they contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes. These include hyperthyroidism, Acromegaly, and Cushing’s syndrome.

d) Damage to Pancreas:

Pancreatic cancer, trauma, and pancreatitis can destroy beta cells and inhibit their ability to produce insulin which contributes to the onset of diabetes.

e) Medicines:

Some medicines can also disrupt how insulin works or harm beta cells. Therefore, they contribute to one developing diabetes.

These include:

•​Anti-seizure drugs


•​Psychiatric drugs



You cannot prevent type 1 diabetes. However, the other types like type 2 and gestational diabetes are avoidable through lifestyle choices. To control the onset of diabetes, Tandem Diabetes Care encourages individuals to eat healthy foods and lose excess pounds through engaging in physical activity.

People who develop diabetes are encouraged to take their medication without failure. When they follow instructions and resources, they will be able to control the disease.

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