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Why Cant I Go Back?

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Over and over I keep telling myself that I will go back to blogging but I keep forgetting. Too many priorities at hand but it is no excuse for stopping to write.

I don’t have writer’s block, I have plenty of things to say. But where do I start? started out as a beauty blog with myself reviewing different skincare, cosmetics, hair products. Featuring different events, accepting sponsorships and whatnots. Though by looking at the statistics majority of my website visitors drop here for my skin whitening before and after shots and my glutathione pills reviews.

I stopped taking glutathione. For almost one year now. I also stopped using whitening products. I just got tired. I no longer purchase cosmetics whenever something new is being raved by the most chic fashionista bloggers to try. I no longer aim for my once short-lived dream of being popular using this blog as a medium. It is because finally I became content for what I have and what I am.

But does this mean having no ambition? Drive? Passion? I used to write for others. Featuring products, reviewing products given to me. It felt forced. Gone are the days when I was in gradeschool or even highschool where I wrote because I enjoyed doing so. Expressing ones thoughts and feelings, and dreaming of sharing it in public whether they can relate to it or not. I miss those days.

Google sent me an e-mail. Asking me if I still wanted to renew my website. Retain the domain. For 10USD a year. Who could refuse? The posts here have a lot of sentimental value. It also shows the “evolution” in how I write and bits and pieces of my life displayed. So I renewed the one year contract.

Will I ever go back to reviewing things? What will I write about? Would people think strangely of me?

Yes I admit. I am weird. Nor writing here is another weird case of PMS. I just thought of writing, just like the days of yesteryear. Because I wanted to.

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