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Makeup Magic: How to Make Eyes Bigger

A lot of girls have been into ulzzang beauty (perfect face) and how korean and japanese style themselves. I asked my sister in law from japan what is their secret and it’s really amazing what these 3 key pieces of cosmetics can do:



It’s really amazing what eyemakeup can do. Try to cover half and half of her face and you’ll see the improvement. She looks like a doll in the other half with proper application of eyeliner, circle lenses, false lashes, and eyebrow makeup. If you want to try a similar look but not overboard, use mascara instead of falsies and go easy on the liner 🙂 (I want to try the one with falsies though, or maybe grow my lashes with latisse?)
More amazing transformations here with The Power of Makeup

To my dearest readers: I really want to apologize for the lack of better content, I actually miss writing about makeup reviews and my favorite segment tips and tricks but due to time constraints and backlog of articles I have to write about, alas it gets delayed. Hope you dont hate me for that 🙁

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