Olay Natural White Bar Review

I remember the first
time I decided to whiten my skin. Before you say anything else, this is a
disclaimer. Some people prefer their skin to be fair, some want to be tan, some
want to stay as they are. Different strokes for different folks. Well I was one
of the former. I wanted to achieve fairness for my skin. Yes there are lots of
whitening products in the market but being a teenager, I was hesitant and the
best product to start with is sticking to the basics. SOAP.
Natural White with Vitamin C
I’ve tried many
whitening soaps already and I did mention that some are so harsh it stings! It
burns! ๐Ÿ™ What’s the use of having fair skin if my skin is flaky and red from
irritation right? So for anyone starting out with skin whitening, try a whitening
soap that has a gentler formula but still effective.
Well, I’m glad that Olay
finally released their own line of bar soaps for skin lightening. Did I mention
my lola is a true blue olay fan? (See previous post on my Olay Cc Cream Review)

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Hmm, okay so it promises
to exfoliate, brighten and even skin tone? I really think it’s great if you’re starting
out on your skin lightening journey. Olay has 2 natural white bars available
both with different ingredients.
1. Olay Natural White
Bar with Vitamin C – Vitamin C is an effective skin lightener
2. Olay Natural White
Bar with Papaya – Papain is an effective exfoliator
my bloggy friend ๐Ÿ™‚  Kath Neko of

Natural White with Papaya
Okay. *Finally
Kat! Enough chit-chat, I want to hear what you think about this product!*
Fragrance: The Vitamin C bar has a fresh floral fragrance
that’s very light. The papaya bar smells like melons. (Why do they make papaya
soaps smell like melon?!) It smells yum nonetheless.
Texture: It makes a lot of foam and creamy lather and
emulsifies quickly. 
Moisturization: I really love the fact that it doesn’t hurt or
sting my skin at all. This is the perfect break-time whitening soap for me when
I want my skin to rest from the harsh soaps I’ve tried in the past.
Exfoliation: No noticeable ugly peeling but skin really
feels clean after
Skin Brightening and Evening Out: Regular bar soaps make
skin dull and dry. In fairness to Olay, it does a fair job in improving skin’s
texture making it look brighter if you use this at least a week or so for it to
show its effects.
Iโ€™ve had it with using
harsh soaps on my skin with ingredients such as kojic! So this soap is really a
breath of fresh air for me and my skin. Itโ€™s lather is very creamy and my skin
feels really soft after bathing. Itโ€™s rare for such soap to give effects as
most of them are really drying.
Who do I recommend this to?
To filipina women who
are starting out in their whitening journey. It’s better if you start with
something gentle like this first.
Will I buy this again?
A definite yes. Iโ€™ll
even keep bars of this stuff in my soap stock supply so I have something to go
to in case my skin gets irritated from trying out harsh soaps. Olay Natural
White Bars lighten skin gently. Love love!
silly! Hehe
TIPS and TRICKS! ^_^
1.        Use Olay Natural White
soap in the shower twice a day โ€“ in the morning and in the evening before you
2.        While in shower, lather
liberally especially in areas that require extra attention (areas that are
rougher, a bit darker in skin tone, or are subjected to friction from clothes
or other fabric).  Use a puff for a more indulgent feel. This will also
enhance the effect of the exfoliation.
3.        Treat your skin with
care.  Pat your skin dry with a clean towel after shower.  Make sure
you donโ€™t scrub your skin to avoid friction which causes skin irritation.
That’s it pancit! Thanks for reading and looking forward for your
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