UPDATE MARCH 2015: Nivea Whitening Serum Initial Review [SkinCare]

Update March 20 2015: Using this made me really itchy! I remember kaya I didn’t make another follow up post for this one. After a while the opening of the bottle gets really sticky. Tapos yung itch ko kapag kinamot ko (makati nga kasi) it left me with unslightly red spots, maybe because the fragrance is too strong? Maybe hindi lang ako hiyang.  I’d use other whitening lotion brands instead. No, it didn’t make me “fairer” in 14 days. While I do like their creme in the original blue tin (the one made in germany) and if ever a new product comes out I’m still open to try it for you guys πŸ™‚ 

Oh gosh this is super late! I received a tube of Nivea Whitening Serum a couple of years ago courtesy of Nivea Philippines and I’m glad they sent me one because first, I was never a fan of body lotions before as I thought all of them were sticky and not suitable for Philippine climate which was hot and humid.  Di ba? Imagine the weather right now where you sweat right just after a few minutes you took a bath (if you live without an air conditioner) As per your request, I’ll also be featuring whitening lotions and reviewing them soon to see the exceptional ones. So for now, I’ll tell you what I like with Nivea Whitening Serum after first use. I wasn’t able to determine the results last time so I’ll be repurchasing a tube to try for 14 days to measure if it’s effective.

What I Like About Nivea Whitening Serum

  1. It’s non-sticky. 
  2. It glides smoothly on skin and is absorbed easily
  3. It won’t feel heavy on your skin
  4. It’s main ingredient is Vitamin C. (I just wonder how they preserve its efficacy since Vit. C easily dies out)
  5. It’s affordable and readily available anywhere
  6. It’s from Nivea. 
  7. They don’t give you false claims like “You’ll be instantly fairer” in one use.
  8. SPF26 is high enough for the body especially if you’d head out in the sun when you walk through and fro your daily activities like work or sports. You should use a separate sunblock when you swim though!
Dang! Look at how flawless and fair her back looks.

Ingredients of Nivea Whitening Serum

I’ll be posting an update exactly after 14 days (please remind me here in case I forget oh my) if it works and if it will really give me the radiant skin we all want. Imagine if you combine taking whitening supplements, whitening soaps, whitening creams, and whitening lotion, and whitening treatments to help you achieve the fairest that you can be! 

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    OMG I didn't know you're a mom already because you look so "dalaga". Anyways, I salute you for raising your son on your own. I'm a mom of a two year old too! Even with a husband by my side, it's still hard to raise a growing toddler. I respect you for this. πŸ™‚

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    Aww… thanks! More energy to us moms! πŸ™‚ Naku lalo na pag they start going to school, we'd need super powers na by that time hahaha

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