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Maybelline Watershine Pure

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  • The watershine finish, it’s glossy, it has a light texture on the lips that I like
  • The shade, dragonfly red, it a just bitten lip color that I have been long been searching for. Too bad it dries the heck out of my lips. Got any dupe recommendations? Please do leave a comment!


  • Very, extremely drying. I had this on for 15 minutes and my lips were bleeding even with a good balm underneath
  • You can get more value for its worth
  • Not enough color, it basically gives your lips a tint. If you’re looking for a tint, better to get a more moisturizing one instead.

Will I buy again?

But Why?

I’m very open to different brands of lippies from the lowest end to the highest since they do have a good lifespan (2 years max) compared to glosses. But this is really not worth it. It’s like applying a quick dry glue to my lips and my hubby notices the chaps on my lips saying “Why arent you wearing lipstick? Why are your lips bleeding?”

Who would I recommend this to?
If you have healthy moisturized lips, you should give this a try if you want. But to be honest I wont recommend this to anyone. For it’s retail price, it would be better if you get a NYX lipstick or even Fashion 21’s instead.

Swatches and description can be found here

*Credits to 101 compiled beauty to pictures and swatches

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