Feature: Girl Stuff Toxin-Free Nail Polish

A) Fast dry Top Coat – Php150
B) Holiday collection 2014 – Php 140 
C) Confetti Collection – Php 150
D)  Creme Shades –  Php 100
Where to buy? Girl Stuff Kiosks in Department Stores
If you’ve been following my blog for some time now you would notice how much I love nail polishes but nail polishes dont love me as much because of my pasmado (shakey)  hands,  my nails end up made  up by a manicure monster LOL. 
Their new top coat which is AMAZING in preventing it to chap easily
I think it has something to do with the quality and consistency of the polish that determines my manicure success. The more expensive the brand is,  the easier for me to apply.  It’s a lot smoother and adheres better to my nails.  Alas the cheapskate in me don’t want to spend 500php above on polish alone,  I’d rather use that amount on makeup or food. 
I’m glad I got to try Girl Stuff nail polish.  They have the same (or even better)  quality than most high-end nail polish brands in the market and as a bonus,  it’s also free from the harmful chemicals most nail polish has like toulene,  formaldehyde,  and dpb.  These chemicals cause your nails to turn yellow,  brittle and eventually die!  Girl Stuff nail polish is good for our nails.  
They also have a wide variety of colours and formulas for every nail art lover.  I’ll let you in a secret,  I blogged about this today because I wanted to retouch my nails but Geof played with my nail polishes and I lost them all.  Now I’m headed towards the mall to buy at Girl Stuff.  

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