My Experience at Creations Greenfield Salon by Lourd Ramos

As a blogger, some readers might think we go to every event or party that we get invited to. For someone like me, who really doesn’t blog full-time believe it or not, there are some cases I’m not able to go because of the following reasons:
  • Venue is too far from where I live or where I work
  • Not within my schedule. I work on a 9-5 job *sob*
  • Not in my niche
  • PR who sent invite is very impolite. For my co-bloggers who are reading this, can you relate?
When I received an invitation to try the salon services of Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon, I was definitely pleased with how nice and personalized their invite was. *waves hands to Carthy* and told me they can accommodate my visit whenever I can. Their salon is located in Greenfields near Shaw Boulevard. Just right across Shangri-la Mall. It took more than a month before I got back to her and I really felt bad about it but thankfuly my tita gave me a ride there after my work. I’m so glad I made time! Their service rates and my experience below!

Creations Greenfield Salon by Lourd Ramos Price List

CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish

CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish Color Swatch
First up is their gel manicure using CND Shellac Gel Nail Polish

Compared to other brands of gel nail polish, CND Shellac dries fast in 7 minutes under UV light. It also feels a lot lighter. I remember the last time I tried gel polish 5 years ago and never did it again because it was heavy on the nails, took 2 hours for the manicure to finish and dry up, excessive buffing, and difficulty removing it. The nail technician didn’t use any mechanical buffing on my nails and just swiped off their sort of nail cleaner.

Ta-da! I chose the color cocoa  and deep red. I like using 2 colors of nail polish, one main color and one highlight color. While I’m writing this, my nails are bare. But I’ll go get another manicure tomorrow and put the highlight color on my middle finger so next time an arrogant person snobs me and acts all maldita. I can just show her my middle finger! 🙂 

While my nails are being treated, my hair were also pampered using Cynos Hair Repair Treatment. They offered to have my hair colored but I had to decline because I was headed out to Palawan the following day and don’t want to risk my hair the extra damage from the sun and the sea. 

Combining these 2 hair treatments from Cynos, they guaranteed me extra protection for my hair! Cynos is a professional hair care brand from Canada and is used here at Creations Greenfield Salon by Lourd Ramos. My hair felt really soft and bouncy after the treatment session. It’s perfect for my pre-beach trip because according to them, the Cynos hair treatment can protect my hair from sun and saltwater damage.

So if ever you’re near the area, or even go out of the way like I did (worth it) do visit their salon if you want some R&R, it’s not noisy compared to other salons so you’re sure to get relaxed and de-stressed.

Thanks Creations Greenfield! Looking forward on my next visit!

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