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A Detailed Slimina Weight Loss Capsule Review

What? Slimina Weight Loss Capsule
Where to buy? Buy Slimina Capsules at Lazada
How much & Price? 30USD or
Howdy, if you’re reading this right now…. as of this moment.. it means this post was written a week earlier. LOL. I’ll be reviewing Slimina Weight Loss Capsules because a lot of you are requesting to review this slimming pill. I remember it’s one of my recommended pills because it’s ingredients are simple and natural. I’ll be featuring it’s ingredients, effects, side-effects, and if it’s effective. Since I’ve been super busy juggling work, blogging, family life, and love life. I decided to do what you call.. bulk beauty blogging. I edit photos one day, I write posts the next, then I schedule them on random days or whenever I feel like it. So that even if I’m busy, I still get to reach out and talk to you guys 🙂  Surprisingly, I feel more relaxed and comfortable writing here at home while my baby is sleeping. Okay, enough of the personal kwento and let’s go straight to reviewing Slimina Weight Loss Capsules


  • Perilla Leaf Extract 80mg
  • Oriental Waterplaintain Rhixome Extract 50mg
  • Tuckahoe Extract 45mg
  • Cassia Seed Extract 35mg

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Slimina Capsule – Green gel capsule
Slimina Before and After

My Thoughts

My mom and my aunt took this for quite a while. More than 6 months I think, and they did lose a significant amount of weight. My mom lost around 20lbs during that time, without any exercise. You really lose your appetite when taking this slimming pill, get thirsty, and sweat a lot. These might not be your typical slimming pill side-effect (oily poop, headache, diarrhea) but I still find these symptoms as side-effect.
I thikn what it does is make your heart rate faster. Faster heart rate equals faster metabolism. Faster metabolism = faster burning of fat. It also means your body needs to be hydrated at ALL TIMES. That’s why this is not recommended for people who have heart problems or any sickness. It is also recommended to DRINK A LOT OF WATER and DON’T SKIP YOUR MEALS. *emphasize kung emphasize! push!*
I’m reviewing this but I’m not recommending a slimming capsule. Why? Because I still believe that the best way to lose weight and be sexy is a total lifestyle transformation. You don’t need to deprive yourself of food, you don’t need to workout everyday. You only need an active and balanced lifestyle. Eat when your hungry, stop when your full. Avoid snacking on sweets and salty food, and exercise at least 3x a week for an hour each. (More slimming tips on my #ProjectSexyProgram)
I think those who needs to take this are people who are seriously obese. If you’re just chubby, this can be resolved thru a healthy diet and exercise. Subscribing to a diet delivery of your choice can help you start!
I hope you enjoyed this review 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions, I try my best to answer them as soon as I have the time!



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